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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Trendy Tots


Here’s something everyone knows: babies are so freaking cute.

You just want to smother them with kisses, don’t you? The only thing that makes them cuter is when they start walking and talking and developing those sparkling littler personalities that make them into actual humans.

It’s also at this toddler stage that it’s so fun to buy them presents around the holidays. You’re able to pick out goodies based on their likes. Maybe your doll is all about makeup. Or maybe they’ve got a knack for music. 

Whatever it is, there’s a gift for them on this list.

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Here’s a big gift they’ll love: A full-out set of toddler sized musical instruments in a rainbow of colors. 

BUY IT: Toddler Musical Instruments, $ 34

ESC: Trendy Tots Gift Guide

You always carry around a jumbo size bottle of water and it’s a good thing. You’re setting such a good example.

BUY IT: CamelBak Kids Water Bottle, $ 13

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Hunter rain boots are a staple item in your closet, so they should also be a staple in your babe’s wardrobe, too. Don’t you think?

BUY IT: Classic Hunter Rain Boots, $ 55

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Your little beach bunny loves the sand, but they can’t be there all the time. Bring it to them with this rad kinetic playset.

BUY IT: Kinetic Sand Playset, $ 10

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So your little tike likes to play restaurant? This plate and utensil set will make them oh-so-happy.

BUY IT: Construction Plate & Utensil Set, $ 18

ESC: Trendy Tots Gift Guide

If your baby is basically a genius, here’s a neat gift everyone in the fam can enjoy. This book is filled with first words that put mama and dada to shame.

BUY IT: 100 First Words for Little Geeks Book, $ 10

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The weather outside is frightful, but getting out of the bathtub doesn’t have to be! This cheeky robe is warm and cute.

BUY IT: Tucker + Tate Snowman Robe, $ 45

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So you’ve got a hyper little nugget, do you? Tire ‘em out with a fun piano dance mat that’s just as entertaining as it is easy.

BUY IT: Piano Dance Mat, $ 80

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If your kid is super excited about the holiday season, you’d be wise to get them a thematic gift. A stuffed reindeer and coordinating book are just the ticket.

BUY IT: Stuffed Reindeer & If I Were a Reindeer Book, $ 35

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We don’t care what age you are, literally everyone needs a pair of super cozy joggers. Besides, this mini size is cute as can be!

BUY IT: Zip-Pocket Jogger Pants, $ 28

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Active tots need sneakers of some kind to strap on, so you might as well get them a festive glittery pair that’ll make ‘em smile.

BUY IT: Steve Madden Sneakers, $ 55

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Kids have such wild imaginations and that’s what makes them so special. Help them bring theirs to life with a fun play Teepee they can set up in their room.

BUY IT: Play Teepee, $ 178

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Is there anything more precious than the sight of your littlie in a sweet matching PJ set? We think not.

BUY IT: Thermal Fitted Pajamas, $ 35

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You are obsessed with your Patagonia jacket and no one blames you for that—its awesome. The only thing that makes it better? A matching one for your mini me.

BUY IT: Patagonia Jacket, $ 99

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Oh your mini me has a flair for music? This interactive guitar is a fun, non-intimating way to get ‘em started.

BUY IT: Kids Logo Mini Guitar, $ 79

ESC: Trendy Tots Gift Guide

So your lil pal loves getting into mommy’s makeup? She might not be old enough to wear it, but she can pretend with this fun kit.

BUY IT: Beauty Belongings Kit, $ 30

ESC: Trendy Tots Gift Guide

If your little tike loves food, maybe they’re destined to be a chef. Start ’em early with this cute restaurant set.

BUY IT: Melissa & Doug Star Diner Restaurant Play Set, $ 30

ESC: Trendy Tots Gift Guide

Just because they’re babies doesn’t mean they can’t sport super cute shoes just like mom and dad!

BUY IT: Classic UGG Boots, $ 110

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