5 Mom-Related Things We Need Words For In English


Pooja Maheshwary , 10 May 2020

This Mother’s Day, I have been feeling extra sentimental. There’s something about going through a global pandemic that makes you feel gratitude for all that you have going for you in life. Today, in particular, I’m feeling immensely grateful to have spent the last 8 weeks in lockdown (gosh, has it been that long already?!) at home with my mom.

You see, my mom is the classic desi mom—you know the one who can’t figure out technology, who believes all the Whatsapp forwards she receives, and whose favourite phrases are ‘have you eaten?’ and ‘clean your room’, LOL. Yet, while I bicker with her, roll my eyes at her attempts to set me up with a ‘nice boy’, and constantly wonder how the apple fell so far away from the tree, the truth of the matter is—I simply can’t function without her.

Moreover, today while journaling my thoughts, I realised that English, while a vast language, simply has no words to describe the classic mom-related things we all experience. For instance, how do you describe that special way a mom’s hug feels? Safe, loved, accepting? See, there’s no one word that comprises all these words. So, I set to create words for universal mom-related things that just haven’t found their way to a dictionary, but probably should! Read on to know more!

1. Mumpocrisy

Ever had your mom point out a habit or trait which you’ve actually inherited from her? That’s mumpocrisy. For instance, falling asleep at movie theatres. Yes ma, I see you!

2. Materolosophy

Moms seem to have an answer for everything. They have just the right advice for anything you may be going through. It’s called materolosophy!

3. Matriness

Do you know that feeling when life feels like too much and the only thing that can help is her presence? Or her phone call? Ever felt it? It’s called matriness!

4. Ammalogique

My mom has the power to end any argument with these simple words—’because I am your mom and I said so’. One simply can’t argue with that logic. I call this ammalogique!

5. Bullshit-o-metre

Ever tried to lie to your mom and been caught? It happens to me EVERY single time! How does she do it? Where did she learn this secret talent? Having this insane skill is being a bullshit-o-metre.

Which mom-related words would you like to add to an English dictionary? Tell us in the comments below!

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