5 Shoe Color Trends Everyone Will Be Swapping Black for This Year


If you’re like me, you probably have enough black, and neutral-colored shoes at this point, so it’s my fashion-editor duty to put some color on your footwear radar. We talk a lot about shoe trends here at Who What Wear, but a more niche subject is shoe color trends. Yes, they’re definitely a thing, and they’re usually in line with the overarching color trends during any given season.

You could say that one of my personality traits is that I’m obsessed with shoes. So, you’re in good hands when it comes to shoe trends. I often scroll through Instagram with the sole purpose of looking for shoes. And now that winter is winding down, the shoe color trends for spring have really revealed themselves. And while the red shoe trend is still going strong, I’m here to talk about the even fresher color trends.

Scroll on for the five biggest shoe color trends of the season, and to shop the best pairs in each colorful category. 

First up is what’s arguably the biggest shoe color trend of the season: burgundy. Burgundy shoes were all over the S/S 24 runways of Gucci and Prada, and fashion people were embracing the color. The irony is that it’s traditionally a fall color trend, but irony can be fun. With the amount of burgundy shoes there are to choose from out there, I could barely narrow it down to five. 

Powder-blue shoes are no longer reserved for brides. This trend, which is especially lovely in satin, seems to be picking up where silver left off.

Chocolate brown everything has taken a hold of the fashion world, and shoes are no exception. Think of them as the new (old) neutral that’s far fresher than tan.

While last spring was all about the Barbie pink shoe craze, this spring we’re seeing softer shades of pink in the footwear realm. This version of pink is much easier to wear.

Another neutral trend that’s captured the fashion crowd’s attention is gray. Think of this trend as a softer, more interesting alternative to black shoes.

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