6 Modern Jewelry Brands Every Fashion Person Is Wearing


When it comes to investment fashion items, jewelry ranks at the top of my list. I think of jewelry as something to be worn for occasions ranging from special events to the everyday and modern jewelry pieces, in particular, can cover both bases. Perhaps that is why modern jewelry brands have become a mainstay in the wardrobes of fashion insiders, who gravitate to their versatility and designs that feel trend-forward as well as pared-back all at once.

So, which brands are worth committing to memory? Looking to the fashion set, there are some clear favorites that range from affordable items priced under $100 to fine jewelry investment pieces that are set to be future heirlooms. Ahead, see the 6 modern jewelry brands every fashion person is wearing right now and shop pieces from their collections—from inventive takes on Baroque pearls to directional wedding bands.

L.A.-based jewelry designer Sophie Buhai is stocked in the collections of the most in-the-know fashion people, who gravitate toward the brand’s soft, sculptural silhouettes and elegant minimalism. Handcrafted by local artisans and silversmiths, each piece feels like a modern heirloom.

Paris-based brand Repossi has been designing modern, avant-garde jewelry for three generations. Continued now by the founder’s granddaughter, creative director Gaia Repossi, her pieces are known for pushing minimalist designs forward—including the off-kilter stacked Antifer rings that are now a signature of the brand.

Lauren Rubinski is known for chain necklaces and bracelets that are handcrafted in Italy by master goldsmiths. The pieces are anything but ordinary, designed to be chunky but lightweight—making them the ultimate layering items. 

Completedworks, led by designer and art director Anna Jewsbury, is a brand that is constantly experimenting with materials, proportions, and designs. Looking to buy a signature piece? You’ll want to scoop up the iconic mismatched earrings.

Copenhagen-based brand Sophie Bille Brahe is the ultimate take on understated, yet sophisticated jewelry. Focused on architectural designs of pearls and diamonds, the brand puts a modern spin on the most traditional jewelry materials.

L.A.-based brand Bagatiba, founded by Jessie Andrews, is a beautiful take on modern jewelry with price points under $300. Add the brand to your shopping list if you’re looking to add some pieces into your wardrobe for the everyday.

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