7 Accessories French Women Use to Elevate Their Outfits


Accessories are potent. They have the power to take what is otherwise a pretty standard outfit and make it more exciting and unique to you. I find accessories particularly handy in summer, for instance, when a basket bag is all I need to make my fail-safe jeans-and-white-T-shirt outfit combination feel more seasonally appropriate. On the subject of basket bags, I also like mine because it makes me feel like a French girl when I carry one. And anyone who reads my features will tell you that’s precisely the aesthetic I want to emulate. 

There are many clichés surrounding French style—too many to get into here—but one thing we can all agree on is that our Gallic friends know how to put an outfit together. Whether they prefer wardrobe classics or bold statement pieces, the way they assemble their looks comes with an inherent je ne sais quoi. And I want in. 

In an attempt to make my outfits look the Parisienne part this season, I’ve decoded seven French summer accessory trends my favorite follows rely upon during the warmer months. Yes, basket bags are included in this edit, but so are a handful of other add-ons you mightn’t expect. Intrigued? Scroll on.

Style Notes: Think “French accessory trends,” and basket bags likely spring to mind. Though French people loyally carry theirs year-round, I prefer to tote mine in the summer months. 

Style Notes: Recently, I’ve noticed all the French women I follow are choosing to decorate their hair with silk square scarves. I find this accessory to be particularly handy, as I’m always looking for ways to extend the time between washes. Now, I can do so chicly. 

Style Notes: Generally speaking, the French aesthetic feels quite ’70s—lots of tan suede and flared jeans. One of the most stylish ways to give your ensembles retro appeal is with a pair of oversize square sunglasses, another throwback from the ’70s that French women love to wear. 

Style Notes: A surefire way to give your look a playful twist is by way of some fun jewelry, and right now, my French follows love nothing more than to stack and layer thin beaded necklaces together. 

Style Notes: Along with basket bags, espadrilles are a style stereotype French people actually wear. As they have the ability to make even the fanciest of dresses feel more effortless—like you’ve thrown them on without care—it’s easy to see their appeal. Plus, they’re comfortable! 

Style Notes: A well-chosen belt can make your outfit look and feel more expensive, and this is a rule French women know all too well. In summer, they swap out shades of black for tan, lightening their outfits (and matching their straw basket bags) in the process. 

Style Notes: While conducting my research, I was amazed at just how many French influencers wear scrunchies on the regular. Ensure yours looks as glossy as can be by sticking to block colors; you’ll earn extra style points if you match yours to your outfit. 

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