90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Truth Hurts


It was an understated midseason finale.

While there were some departures on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 14, and tension was ratcheting up between certain couples, we didn’t get into any of the juicy stuff.

Based on the 90 Day Fiance:The Other Way Superteaser for the second half of the season, I guess we have to wait until October. 11 for the season to kick into gear.

Brittany & Yazan

Brittany and Yazan have done little to convince anyone they can sustain a relationship let alone a marriage, and by the end of the hour, Yazan’s gut was probably telling him the same.

She told him she had to hop on a plane to go to Chicago because of her sister’s baby, and Yazan, bless his heart, could sense that there was something more to Brittany’s abrupt exit.

Given how the two of them have spent most of her trip fighting rather than anything else, it was reasonable that he assumed she was bailing on him and didn’t plan on returning.

It was his biggest fear, and when it was time for her to leave, those puppy dog eyes looked sadder than usual. It was as if he knew if he let her go then, that she wouldn’t be returning, but little does he know that she was misleading him but for a different reason.

Apparently, Brittany filed for her divorce in Chicago when she was living with her mother for a few months, and she received an email that she had a court appearance she was due to attend in a couple of days.

It’s insane how, while stirring up all of this trouble amongst Yazan’s family and pushing back on anyone imparting their religion and culture onto her, she never once told him about her divorce situation.

She was able to put it off her entire trip, and then with this news that she has a court date, if it goes well, she could legally obtain her divorce without ever telling Yazan the truth.

How she got away with all of this is beyond me, but we’ll have to find out how the court proceedings go before we can glean if this will have lingering effects and continue to interfere with their relationship.

After all, if she has her divorce, there is no reason to put off marrying Yazan, right? Or will it be a matter of focusing on the scroll of other reasons why this pair is doomed?

All of the Brittany and Yazan negativity aside, their farewell was one of the few times you could buy into their affection and feelings for one another.

At the very least, you could see that Yazan genuinely seems to care about her, and there was chemistry there.

Tim & Melyza

What started as grabbing a bite at the end of the day led to an enlightening argument for both parties.

Tim and Melyza’s relationship is dead, and there’s nothing short of a miracle that can salvage it. My hope for them is that they end it and put one another out of their misery.

The relationship can never work if Tim treats his every action as a point to curry favor with Melyza only to get mad if it doesn’t make her forgive him.

And it cannot work if Melyza has no intention of forgiving him and punishes him. Why waste each other’s time?

Tim has a habit of thinking that because of his choice to make “huge sacrifices” to salvage his relationship with Melyza, she should give him all of this credit. Melyza is right, though; she didn’t ask him to do any of this.

He considers his acts transactional somehow, and that is a problem and a possible marker that he’s not genuine. He thinks if he moves to be with her, that means she should forgive him.

Nothing works like that. Also, Tim hasn’t given up his life back home.

It’s not that Tim keeping his options open and leaving a path for him to step back into his former life if things work out isn’t smart on his part.

No, it’s that he kept all of that from Melyza, it does detract from him “giving everything up” to “commit to their relationship,” and also he KEEPS reminding her every five seconds that he’s putting everything on the line to make things right with her.

But, technically, he isn’t. Objectively, it’s a good thing because of the state of their relationship. It’s doubtful they’ll ever get back on track.

But from Melyza’s perspective, it’s bullcrap if Tim is relying on him relocating and making these sweeping gestures to earn her forgiveness, but he hasn’t actually committed fully to them.

But also, Melyza isn’t giving him any indication that she can forgive him, and they can grow as a couple after this. She’s not into him after what he did, and if that’s the case, then she needs to end it. If there is no pathway toward them getting past this, then entertaining any of Tim’s gestures is stringing him along.

Never mind the fact that Melyza is keeping something from Tim as well. She hasn’t been honest with him either, and it sounds as if she may have had an affair too, or she’s met someone new.

Deavan & Jihoon

Elicia spent her last day in Korea with Deavan before she went home, and there is no love lost between her and Jihoon.

He was as excited to see her leave as some of the fans probably were. Elicia is an acquired taste, but it was sad to see her, Deavan, and Drascilla get emotional when she left.

Elicia feels as though she’s leaving her loved ones in the hands of “a 16-year-old boy.” Again, while it is Jihoon’s country, and he does have some responsibility in taking care of everyone, it’s maddening that she treats Deavan as if she’s some fragile flower.

Deavan insists on giving Jihoon another chance to prove that he’s capable of heading a household and providing for his family.

He’s a very immature soul, and it sure as hell is taking longer than one would imagine for him to pull himself together. But it already got off to a bad start.

Deavan was annoyed when she found out that Jihoon had already borrowed money from his mother for gas. Deavan and Jihoon are both enabled by their mothers in different ways, but it’s not going to pan out for these two.

As for the Drascilla chronicles: it was cringeworthy when she was back at the apartment beating up Jihoon while he was holding the baby, as Elicia and Deavan predicted.

It was a surprise they left Jihoon in charge of the kids after the street/car incident. But good grief is that child a handful and a half.

Kenny & Armando

Kenny’s daughters leaving after their brief trip sucked because of how nice it was to see all of them interacting.

You get the sense that Kenny’s kids and Armando are close or could be, and they all make a charming family. I’m also dying to see all of them together interacting with little Hannah.

But the girls had to leave, and Kenny and Armando had to make the four-hour trek to Armando’s hometown to pick up Hannah and introduce his parents to Kenny.

It’s one of the most highly-anticipated moments of the season, and it sucks we didn’t get to see it before the show went on a brief hiatus.

Ariela & Biniyam

I’m sorry, but the situation with Ari and Bini is growing more disconcerting by the installment. It’s troubling to see their story unfold, especially now that Janice is gone.

Ari DOES NOT want to be in Ethiopia, so now she’s gaslighting the hell out of Bini, and she’s picking apart the weakest spots of their situation.

She flipped through all of this after one-night. Ari casually tossed out that she would leave, and when Bini reacted, she didn’t hesitate to remind him that she can leave whenever she wants and take the baby with her.

Clutch your pears for the strong opinion here, but it’s unhealthy, emotionally manipulative, and abusive to hang that over his head.

Now Bini is constantly living under the threat that Ari can pick up and leave and take their baby with her, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Outside of her “my face is just like that” joke about her Resting Bitch Face (and shoutout to her and Melyza for giving us the full-spectrum of Resting Bitch Face expressions), the conversation in the bedroom was bothersome.

But the conversation in the car after apartment hunting was brutal. The driver had the best reactions to the lugs thrown.

First, can we back things up? How many jobs does Bini have? I swear he added two more when he was talking to the camera. What does he mean he works at the circus?!

Unfortunately, despite Bini’s many jobs, he doesn’t make very much money. The frustrating thing is Ari knew this, but she holds him against him anyway, or she can’t process how that reflects on their future together.

They have a baby coming within weeks; they need a place to live, and they can’t afford to take care of their child.

Ari does have some reasons to freak out. The apartment she looked at was nice, but how did she think they’d be able to afford it when she knows Bini is poor?

It cost $ 1500, but Bini only makes $ 500 a week. The poor planning between these two is maddening, and nothing about it feels good. It’s one thing if it was just them, but they have a baby on the way.

Jenny & Sumit

It took a couple of seasons, but we finally learned more about the relationship between Jenny and Sumit and the tension between Jenny and his parents.

Context matters, so in addition to their cultural beliefs, Sumit’s parents have some reason to be put off by Jenny and have blood with her.

Back in 2013, Jenny visited Sumit in India and stayed with his parents for FOUR MONTHS. They took her in, and they were nothing but hospitable to her, but they didn’t know for a bit that she and Sumit were having sex in their house.

Both Sumit and Jenny lied about the nature of their relationship and hid it from his parents. They had dalliances at night when they thought everyone was asleep.

Coming from the perspective of Sumit’s parents, you can understand why they feel the way that they do about Jenny.

It had to feel like a betrayal to know they opened their home to her, and she took advantage. She and Sumit lied to their faces day in and out.

Given the extra context and background to their relationship, the odds of Sumit talking his parents into accepting his relationship with Jenny are slim.

You would think maybe Sumit’s parents can get some of what they hoped for since they have another son who could give them grandchildren.

However, after the possible embarrassment with their previous two entanglements with Jenny, you understand why they don’t like her.

Sumit’s talk with his family probably won’t go well, and Jenny probably has reason to be worried.

Over to you, 90 Day Fanatics. What are your thoughts on the season? What do you hope to see when the series returns?

Hit the comments below.

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