Adele Reacts to the Meme of Her at Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show


Adele claimed she would be attending the 2023 Super Bowl just to see Rihanna’s Halftime show and she made good on that promise. The pop star was front and center for the ANTI singer’s return to the stage, and the cameras caught her reaction to the big moment.

A clip of Adele seemingly watching Rihanna’s performance went viral on Twitter. In the short, silent video, Adele is staring straight ahead, talking rapidly, and gesticulating in the direction of two people standing on either side of her — and it does look a little bit like she might be telling them to shut up, which amused her fans. It turns out that was nothing like what she was actually saying.

Adele addressed the viral clip on Friday, February 17, while on stage at her Weekends With Adele Las Vegas residency.

“I’ve gotta tell you … It’s hard work being a constant meme,” Adele joked. “Everyone was texting me a meme of myself looking — I don’t know what I looked like.”

She then suggested people find her amusing because of her mobile face, which she added hasn’t had any Botox treatments. Adele then explained that she was talking about how great Rihanna was going to be.

“I was saying she’s gonna be fine,” she told the audience. “She’s gonna like have some weed and be fine. But clearly she couldn’t have any weed because she’s pregnant!”

During her time on stage, Rihanna appeared to be announcing her second pregnancy by revealing her baby bump in a tight red jumpsuit and subtly touching her stomach as she sang. She also didn’t do much dancing up on the very tall platform in the center of the arena. The moment created much debate on social media, but she later confirmed that she is expecting another child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky. They welcomed their first son in May of 2022.

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