All the Bachelor Winners Have One Thing in Common – Here’s Who Is Most Likely to Win Locky’s Heart


Every year on The Bachelor, there are certain tropes that crop up, and if you keep an eye on those tropes you can make an educated guess about who will win The Bachelor/ette.

Last year, I successfully predicted both Chelsie McLeod and Carlin Sterritt as the year’s winners, and thus, I can be trusted to peg Locky Gilbert’s winner.

And no, we’re not talking about who gets the winner’s music from the start — who even knows if by giving it to Irena and Bella the Bachelor editing team were just throwing us off the scent?

I may not know if the producers have cottoned on to these patterns and are now deliberately subverting them, but I sure hope not. Let’s try to guess Locky’s forever (in a TV way) partner anyway:

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