Amidst Sonu Nigam’s Claims Of The Presence Of Music Mafia, Neha Kakkar Quits Instagram


Pallavi Manoj , 23 Jun 2020

Neha Kakkar (Source: Instagram | @nehakakkar)

Neha Kakkar (Source: Instagram | @nehakakkar)

Indians can boast for being home for some of the most beautiful voices on the planet for sure. And many of these voices belong to the Bollywood music industry. Our music industry, it seems like a tumultuous time. What with someone as senior as Sonu Nigam calling out Bhushan Kumar the owner of the music label T-Series as the music mafia. Many singers like Neha Bhasin, Monali Thakur, and many more have sided with Sonu Nigam. But many more have expressed their loyalty towards the music label. Bhushan Kumar’s wife recently slammed Sonu Nigam through her Instagram stories calling the singer thankless.

Amidst all of this, Neha Kakkar one of the most talented and successful singers of current times chose to go on a digital detox and stay away from social media for a while. She asked her fans to wake her up when the world is a better place. A place where there is no nepotism, suicides, bossy people, or anything of the sort. She asked her fans not to worry and reassured them that she’s not dying. Her post has since been deleted.

Here’s what it said:

Going back to sleep! Plz wake me up when there’s a better world. The world where there’s Feedom, Love, Respect, Care, Fun, Acceptance, Good People. Not Hatred, Nepotism, Jealousy, Judgements, Bossy People, Hitlers,Murders, Suicides, Bad People. Good Night!!!! Don’t worry I’m not dying. Loll just going away for a couple of days, I’m sorry if this makes anybody feel bad! But this is what I have been feeling since a long long time but not able to say it, just trying my best to be happy but not really happening. I’m a human being and that too a very emotional one. So.. Yeh Sab.. It hurts me.. Don’t worry I’m okay.. Love you guys Specially My #NeHearts.

Although she said this, she has posted two calming and happy quotes on her Instagram stories. We wonder if she is reconsidering her decision.

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