Angela Clancy Is the Big Brother 2020 Star We Need But Don’t Deserve


The breakout star of Big Brother for 2020 is events manager and mum Angela Clancy. From day one, she’s vowed to use this time as a holiday, and she’s already gifted us with some of our favourite moments of the season.

From spending episode one arguing with Big Brother about whose house they’re in, to her relentless quest to get her hands on her drug of choice, tea, she’s been unapologetically herself and earned a swathe of devoted fans.

Angela is the refreshing reality TV star Australia had no idea we needed — whether she’s using her beloved high heels to chip into a block of ice in a Nomination Challenge, or she’s breaking glasses whenever Big Brother requests her presence in the Diary ROOM.

Viewers found themselves firmly on Team Angela at the end of episode two, when, up for nomination, she pleaded the case for Kieran instead of herself, tearing up at possibility the young, out-of-place contestant might be going home after his second nomination.

“With Kieran, I don’t know what everybody else sees, but I see a good guy. He’s had it rough — he’s had a rough two days. And we need to give people second chances.

“I know I should be fighting for myself, but it’s been hard on me today to see him there again for the second time.”

She’s got a big heart, she loves tea, and she loves to relax. What a mood!

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