Ariana Grande’s Ex Dalton Gomez Is Still Getting Over Her Amid Reports She’s Living With Ethan Slater


As Ariana Grande moves ahead with her new boyfriend Ethan Slater, a source spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how her estranged husband Dalton Gomez is faring with the end of their love story. The report comes one day after a source told Daily Mail that Grande is allegedly living with Slater in New York City.

That Daily Mail source claimed: “It seems as if Ariana is holding onto Dalton in case things with Ethan don’t work. It is just so strange that she is living with Ethan and has not filed documents to end it with Dalton.”

Entertainment Tonight’s source didn’t speak about Grande and Gomez’s divorce paper plans. Instead, the insider addressed how Gomez was handling the end of his two-year marriage. The Los Angeles real estate agent is “throwing himself into work and working harder than ever since his split from Ariana. He is trying to stay distracted and keep himself busy in positive ways.”

Romantically, Gomez “is dating a little bit and a lot of girls are giving Dalton attention. He is not completely over his relationship with Ariana, but he is doing his best to move forward.”

ariana grande and dalton gomez


Neither Gomez nor Grande have commented on their relationship status, and Grande and Slater haven’t spoken about their ties either. Both Grande and Slater, who met on the set of Wicked, are in the midst of divorces from their spouses, though multiple sources told People last week that Grande and Slater’s romance didn’t begin until after they separated from their partners.

A friend of Grande and Slater’s told People that their relationship is “much different than what has been portrayed in public. They are just trying to navigate their new relationship in private.”

A close family friend added that “people have tried to question the timeline, [but] the truth is Ariana and Ethan didn’t begin seeing each other until after both parties were separated, respectfully.”

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