‘Babe’ Star James Cromwell Heroically Rescues A Pig From Slaughter And Names It Babe


By Emerson Pearson.

James Cromwell honoured his newest pal by naming it after the movie that inspired him to go vegan, “Babe”.

Cromwell, 83, found himself in quite a heroic position when he came to a pig’s rescue. 

The pig, which he named Babe, fell off a truck sending it on its way to get fattened for slaughter. 

In an animal rights organization PETA statement, the actor explained the life-changing significance “Babe” had on his life, which led him to save the pig from its demise.

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“Having had the privilege of witnessing and experiencing pigs’ intelligence and inquisitive personalities while filming the movie ‘Babe changed my life and my way of eating, and so I jumped at the chance to save this real-life Babe.”

“Every pig deserves to live in peace and joy at a sanctuary, choosing when to frolic, where to forage, and how to spend their time, yet few do,” concluded the actor.

The “Succession” star had a virtual meeting with the pig on Zoom on Friday following the heart-melting rescue.

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“This sweet little guy is NOT Easter dinner. He jumped off a transport truck and will now be traveling to an animal sanctuary to live a peaceful life. That’ll do pig. That’ll do. ⁦⁦@peta⁩,” tweeted the star alongside a video interaction with the adorable pig.

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