Bachelorette Favourite Shannon Thought He Was Going to Win Before He Was Rejected at Hometowns


Shannon Karaka was sent home during The Bachelorette hometowns when Becky Miles realised that she had stronger feelings for her other two suitors, Pete Mann and Adrian Baena.

Shannon’s family had told Becky that he had strong feelings for her, and it was heartbreaking watching it dawn on Becky that she didn’t reciprocate and his family reassuring her that it was OK to reject their brother. She decided to send him home right then and there, so as not to put him through a rose ceremony.

The inaugural Mr Polynesia handled the rejection with grace and dignity, comforting a very emotional Becky, and leading fans of the show, including host Osher Günsberg himself, to call for Shannon to be the next Bachelor.

After talking about how attractive he found Becky’s warmth at the very first cocktail party, Shannon was chosen by Harry to accompany him and the Bachelorettes on the country rose double date. There, Becky and Shannon immediately connected over their shared vision of the future and he landed the first kiss from Becky of the season.

But from that point on, Becky and Shannon’s connection seemed to fizzle out, next to clear frontrunner Pete and her obvious attraction Adrian. But Shannon did win one-on-one time after the baby-minding group date which secured his place in Becky’s top three.

POPSUGAR Australia talked to Shannon about getting emotional watching the episode back last night and what he learned about love from The Bachelorette.

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