Bec From The Bachelor Doesn’t Regret Not Telling Locky That She Loved Him


Intruder Bec was sent home from last night’s The Bachelor, despite making an immediate impression on Locky Gilbert when she arrived during “Love in Lockdown”.

Bec and Locky’s final date was standup paddleboarding, before they headed back to the Bachelor pad where Bec’s brother grilled — and eventually came around to — Locky. Afterwards, Bec admitted she hadn’t been in love before, and didn’t tell him that she was falling for him. For good reason! She hadn’t been on the journey for half as long as anyone else.

Still, the pair had chemistry from the moment they shared a virtual date and talked about how many kids they wanted to have, Locky seemingly smitten by Bec’s looks and love of adventure. He took her on a whitewater rafting date in the real world that proved that the two definitely share the same wild interests!

We talked to Bec about the advantages of arriving partway through the season and how she doesn’t regret not saying the L-word.

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