Becky Reveals Pete Dumped Her Over FaceTime Just Three Days After the Bachelorette Finale


After The Bachelorette finale, we all thought that our two country girls had found love. However, this morning, we’ve woken up to the news that Becky Miles and her chosen beau Pete Mann have already split up.

The pair have shared vague posts to their respective Instagram accounts this morning stating that they’re no longer together but wish each other all the best . . .

And tbh, things did seem a little shaky between the pair during last night’s episode, specifically when Becky asked Pete if he was ready for his next major relationship, to which he replied a little too casually, “Yeah, why not?” Adding: “I’ll never know if I’m ready or not.”

Things seemingly turned around by the final ceremony though when Becky confessed to Pete that it was a risk choosing him, but she had to follow her heart. “You are worth that risk. I want to be the person that makes you happy. So, it’s you, Pete.”

Pete assured Becky that now she had chosen him, he felt like they could move forward together as a couple. “I’m so happy because now that you’ve chosen me I don’t need to worry about getting hurt and I’m so excited to let myself go and to feel those emotions much more and to build this together.”

So what changed? Scroll for everything we know about their breakup so far.

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