Bizarre pubic hair trend sweeps Britain – would you try it?


Summer is just around the corner – and Brits are already

While some have started hitting the gym hard, others are slapping on the fake tan.

Along with these hot weather rituals, many pick up a regular

For the ultimate smooth skin, some women decide to get all of their pubic hair waxed off.

But apparently, there’s an alternative to the Hollywood that looks a lot bolder.

Glitter pubes are the latest summer fashion trend to take off.

Salon owner Cynthia Chua recently told Glamour that clients were obsessed with them.

The treatment involves trimming or waxing the hair, before sprucing up the intimate area.

A bit like the vajazzle, gemstones and other embellishments are applied onto the nether regions.

Some choose to remove all their hair, as this provides them with a blank canvas to create any design they want.

You can apply the glitter in a Brazilian-style landing strip or take on more daring shapes.

Circles and hearts are among the popular styles chosen by body conscious ladies.

If you are not a fan of waxing your pubes, you can still try the craze.

Some are blending glitter into their natural fuzz to evoke a similar effect.

So will you be giving the quirky trend a go?

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And apparently,  their pubes.

A recent study showed that 25% of blokes made sure their intimate areas were in tip top shape.

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