BLADE (1998): Wesley Snipes’ Rip-Roaring Vampire Flick Celebrates its 25th Anniversary


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Blade Turns 25

1998’s box-office hit, Blade, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary as Marvel fans eagerly await the upcoming remake which will star Mahershala Ali.

When Blade opened back in August of 1998, it did terrific business at the box-office. Blade grossed $70 million domestically and another $61 million internationally. It also earned an “A-” CinemaScore grade from the action/horror fans who showed up to see the movie on opening night. Now, the half man/half vampire flick, which starred Wesley Snipes, has turned 25 just as a new version of the character is about to be seen next year as played by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali.



Blade opened with a literal bloodbath in a nightclub as vampires got down and boogied until Marvel superhero Blade came into the club and kicked butt. This film was immediately a success with viewers and the cast was top notch. Besides a special appearance by former porn star Traci Lords, the movie featured a no-nonsense villain played excellently by Stephen Dorff. Other character actors were sprinkled in the film such as Kris Kristofferson and N’Bushe Wright who played Blade’s love interest.

As of now, the updated (potentially PG-13) version of Blade is set for release in February 2025 with Ali playing the part made famous by Snipes. Yann Demange (Dammi) is the director of the upcoming picture. Recently, this reboot made news because of the casting of Mia Goth in a primary role within the movie. Goth is one of the most successful horror movie actresses working these days as evidenced by her work in films like X, Pearl and Infinity Pool. Delroy Lindo also has a role in the new Blade film as well.

Audiences really loved the R-rated fun of the original Blade. Stephen Norrington helmed the movie with great style as Blade fought vampires right and left. The final confrontation between Blade and Dorff’s evil character, Deacon Frost, was one of the highlights of the picture. What Blade is probably remembered for most, though, is its amazing opening sequence set in the nightclub. The film inspired a couple of sequels that did well at the box-office. The third film, Blade: Trinity, from 2004 made a solid $52 million domestically which was good but not as great as the original although the picture saved face overseas with an extra $79 million internationally.

Blade II from 2002 did a bit better than 1998’s Blade at the box-office earning $82 million domestically. The 1998 movie remains the best one, though in most fans’ opinions. We will see if Ali can live up to the standards set by Snipes when the reboot makes its way to theaters in 2025. The dark style of the original will be hard to match but, perhaps, this new version can offer a new take on the character of Blade which Marvel fans will enjoy embracing, especially with Ali in the part.

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