Byron Allen Pouring $100 Million into Weather Channel and it's Showing


Byron Allen Pouring Million$ into Weather Channel … Look at the Results!!!

9/14/2018 2:09 PM PDT


Byron Allen is sparing no expense as he seeks to revamp The Weather Channel … and his $ 100 MILLION investment is sparkling at the perfect time. 

Byron tells us loads of cash went into developing the channel’s new Immersed Mixed Reality graphics … and he believes the super cool tech will help save property and human life. Especially because it debuted just as Hurricane Florence was making landfall. 

The comedian-turned-TV-mogul purchased TWC earlier this year for about $ 300 MILLION. It’s looking like a really smart deal now.

Based on the way Byron broke down the virtues of his new virtual reality in-studio toy … it sounds like he was that kid who always killed it on show-and-tell day at school.

The cool part is … this weather show-and-tell will undoubtedly save lives.

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