Camila Mendes Says Fame Is ‘Meaningless’

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By Anita Tai.

Camila Mendes plays the image-obsessed Veronica Lodge on CW’s “Riverdale”, but in some ways the reality couldn’t be more different.

Speaking to Elle in celebration of the show’s 100th episode, the star revealed she doesn’t place too much value on her fame.

When asked whether she could weaponize her status, Mendes reflected on her past.

“Oh my gosh! I don’t know. I think it can be interpreted as revenge? And you can use fame as an act of revenge,” she said. “Fame is great as a tool for saying, ‘Look at me now.’ And I definitely felt that way in the beginning of my career.”

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Camila Mendes – Photo: Tyler Joe/Elle
Camila Mendes – Photo: Tyler Joe/Elle
Camila Mendes – Photo: Tyler Joe/Elle
Camila Mendes – Photo: Tyler Joe/Elle

In fact, she took a certain pride in how much her career grew.

“I was like, ‘Hey, all the exes that screwed me over! All the friendships where we had a falling out! Look! Being separated from you has actually been very good for me!’ But at the end of the day, that is not real,” she recalled.

“Fame is pretty meaningless,” continued Mendes. “There’s not much value there in terms of how you’re actually doing in your life, or how fulfilled you feel in your own life, or even how good your work is, right? It’s like, ‘Cool, cool, you’re famous. And?’ That doesn’t mean you’re happy or fulfilled… no matter how many people follow you on Instagram.”

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The entire cast of “Riverdale” is fairly active on social media, and Mendes even shares a TikTok account with her co-stars Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch.


three sad girls #fyp

♬ original sound – Lamila Petschart

“We don’t work on [‘Riverdale’] together that much anymore,” she revealed. “Our characters don’t really interact. So we don’t get to see each other on set, which sucks. Getting us all together, logistically, is very difficult. And we’re also very lazy,” she laughed. “Our TikTok was so last-minute and so thrown together… every once in a while, I’ll have an idea, but if you’re not careful, it can be a full-time job, and we already have those.”

Camila Mendes – Photo: Tyler Joe/Elle
Camila Mendes – Photo: Tyler Joe/Elle
Camila Mendes – Photo: Tyler Joe/Elle
Camila Mendes – Photo: Tyler Joe/Elle

When it comes to that full-time job, the 27-year-old admitted it’s been difficult lately.

“I’ve had some heavily emotional episodes lately!” Mendes said. “It’s hard, because sometimes you reach into those deep dark places of your past or your present in order to play that emotion authentically. But then you find yourself, once they call ‘cut,’ still stuck in that mindset. It’s like you opened a wound, and now you have to see it through. I’ve had moments where the scene is over, but I can’t stop crying. And I have to walk out of the room for a few minutes to catch my breath and compose myself and then come back. Because that can be dangerous, to pull from personal experience.”

Despite the difficulty, it’s all part of the job for the actress.

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“But you have to do [it], to separate yourself from your character, and separate yourself from the emotions that might come up in a scene,” she explained. “It’s vital to your mental health… that’s why we have training. I went to school to learn how to be the best actor I can be, and learning to separate myself from the work is part of it.”

“Riverdale” is currently on its sixth season, with the first six episodes airing in late November 2021. The second half of the season is yet to be released.

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