‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Contestant Ilona Verley Claims They Were ‘Punched’ By Nightclub Bouncer

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By Brent Furdyk.

Ilona Verley, who appeared on the first season of “Canada’s Drag Race”, is making some allegations that they were were “punched” by a bouncer at a popular gay nightclub in Victoria, B.C.

In a series of posts on Instagram Story, as reported by Pink News, the indigenous, non-binary Verley alleged to have been assaulted at Victoria’s Paparazzi Nightclub on Thursday, April 21.

“I was just attacked by the bouncer at Paparazzi Nightclub Victoria,” they said.

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“The manager laughed in my face and told me the transphobia isn’t real because I’m a ‘b***h’… This s**t is not OK.”

They added, “Being told I’m a b***h for standing my ground and knowing my rights is getting old.”

Verley also addressed the alleged incident in some tweets that were subsequently deleted. “I can’t believe I got punched in my cheek filler the first night I debuted my new face. Transphobia is alive and WELL here in Victoria at Paparazzi Nightclub,” they wrote, adding, “To be told ‘you deserve it’ by a white man (bouncer) makes me feel so FULL… of f**king rage.”

Verley subsequently took to Twitter to explain why they took those posts down and confirm all was well.

PinkNews has reached out to Paparazzi Nightclub for comment.

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