Carl the Janitor from 'Breakfast Club' Sued for Elder Financial Abuse


'The Breakfast Club' Star Sued You Played Me for a Lonely Fool & $ 75k!!

6/16/2018 12:05 AM PDT


The actor who played Carl the Janitor on “The Breakfast Club” allegedly used his acting powers for evil … persuading an elderly woman to fork over $ 75k over an 11-year period.

John Kapelos — who also appeared in “Sixteen Candles,” “Weird Science” and several episodes of “Justified” — is being sued by Michelle Vlahos … who claims he used “powers of persuasion” to pounce on her loneliness and her craving for male companionship.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Michelle says John “utilized his theatrical instincts” to create a position of trust before convincing her sometime in 2006 to fork over money to pay his bills, clothing, groceries and luxury items.

She says they had an understanding he would repay the cash, but got radio silence after repeated attempts to get him to pay it back.

Vlahos and her attorney, Martin Goldman of Mendelsohn, Goldman & Schwarz … are suing Kapelos for the borrowed sum, plus damages. 

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