'Catch a Predator' Host Chris Hansen's Kickstarter Donors Saw Arrest Coming


Chris Hansen Kickstarter Donors Pissed Saw Money Trouble Before Arrest

1/18/2019 12:40 AM PST


Chris Hansen‘s larceny arrest is no shocker to the people who funded his “To Catch a Predator” reboot — they say Hansen came up short with them long before Johnny Law caught him.

The former host launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 to start a new show about himself catching predators. His goal was $ 75k and he offered tiered prizes to anyone who donated.

Some of those prizes included the custom mugs and shirts Hansen got from the vendor in Connecticut — and allegedly tried to pay for with 2 bounced checks … leading to his arrest this week.

As it turns, out … he apparently failed to deliver on the goods to a handful of his donors too, many of whom are furious. Chris’ Kickstarter page is flooded with comments — dating back years — complaining about getting partial prizes, delayed prizes, or just bupkis.

As of Thursday, $ 89k has been raised.

A rep for Kickstarter told us their policy is clear — anyone who’s got issues with a fundraising campaign has to take it up with the creator, and it’s ALL on the creator to make things right.

Translation: Got beef? Talk to Hansen.

We’ve reached out to Chris, but so far … radio silence.

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