Celebs claim you can get a better tan by eating these SWEETS – but does it actually work?


tanning gummies UTAN/INSTAGRAM

SWEET SUCCESS: Could these 25p gummies fulfil your tanning dreams?

Celebrities are ditching for a quirky new product.

Apparently, eating vitamin-filled gummy bears could be all it takes to get a bronzed glow.

So do Superdrug’s UTAN Tan Gummies actually work? Here’s everything you need to know.

Yesterday, on Instagram.

After placing a 25p gummy bear on her tongue, she flaunted her tan in nothing but a denim shirt.

The Geordie Shore star captioned the image: “My tan secret. Tan Gummies actually work it’s crazy!

“Who doesn’t want to eat sweets to get tanned?”

tanning gummies UTAN

VITAMIN D: The supplement is said to help you tan

Following the reality star’s brand endorsement, many commented that they wanted to try the UTAN Tan Gummies product.

One Instagram user wrote: “I thoroughly need a gummy bear tan.”

Another said: “I need to try this.”

Others were more sceptical about the properties of the product.

According to UTAN, the product contains Vitamin E and C, as well as Selenium.

Apparently, these products help to protect the skin and encourage the production of collagen.

The plant nutrients in the sweets are said to promote “direct absorption” when you’re out in the sun.

So when you take them before tanning, you’re said to get a better tan.

While it may sound like an unlikely tanning solution, the product has actually racked up plenty of positive reviews online.

On the Superdrug website, many have said the supplements have given them the best results they’ve ever experienced.

One shopper wrote: “Best tan I have ever had!

“I’m on my first day in Tenerife and it’s the most amazing colour I’ve ever been – on my first night.”

Another gushed: “I am naturally white as a ghost, and the change I’ve seen is absolutely remarkable.”

Even though the product has worked wonders for some, others not seen the results they hoped for.

A disgruntled customer remarked: “Just finished a two month supply, and of course, they made absolutely no difference whatsoever.

“Don’t waste your hard earned cash, get a bottle of fake tan instead.”

Another said: “They seem to work but the colour they have sent me is very orange!”

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