Charlie Sheen's Alleged Victim in HIV Lawsuit Says He Forced Her to Stay Quiet


Charlie Sheen HIV Lawsuit Alleged Victim Fires Back I Signed Your NDA Out of Fear!

6/12/2018 11:19 AM PDT


The woman suing Charlie Sheen for exposing her to HIV claims he coerced her into signing a hush agreement … with the help of a goon squad. 

The woman, who’s suing as a Jane Doe, just fired back at Sheen’s response to her lawsuit and says his claim that she knew he had HIV before they had sex is complete BS. 

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, she sticks to her original story … that Sheen revealed he was HIV positive only after they had unprotected sex. She says she was told by doctors to find out what meds he was on, so she could get proper treatment.

She says before he gave her the info, Sheen forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. According to the docs, she showed up to Charlie’s house only to find 4 “thuggish” men and what she believed to be weapons lying around, including guns. She claims she was escorted to a garage area, and told to sign the document.

She skimmed it, but says she doesn’t understand English very well — she’s from Moscow — and signed it under what she believed to be a threat to her safety. She also says in the suit, she’d seen Charlie’s temper, and heard him allude to using violence in the past.

As for Sheen … he’s said they were intimate and she’s only out to extort him for money

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