Charlotte Crosby drops ULTIMATE baby bombshell: 'I’m pregnant'


The former Geordie Shore beauty hasn’t kept her plans for a baby a secret, particularly after finding herself in a number of serious relationships.

Still being in the height of her career, Charlotte Crosby confessed a baby isn’t in her sights right this moment, but definitely before she’s 30.

However, it sounds like times have changed for the blonde bombshell, as Charlotte spilled all to Daily Star Online about her future, and a little one is definitely something she’s expecting to join her family soon.

Revealing all at The Charlotte Show launch party, the 28-year-old announced her pregnancy – but 12 months too early.

“I’m actually pregnant”

Charlotte Crosby

Spilling on her plans for next January, Charlotte said: “I’m on Dancing On Ice, I’m doing really goddam well – wait! No I’m not. I’m telling a lie.

“It’s only week three, so I’m struggling to learn.”

She added: “What I don’t know is I’m actually pregnant, but I’m still skating because I don’t know yet.

“The show finished in February and I don’t find out I’m pregnant until it finishes, so this whole time I’ve been on the ice while I’ve been pregnant.”


REVEAL: Charlotte revealed she’s going to be pregnant next January (Pic: INSTAGRAM)


ANNOYED: Charlotte revealed she’s annoyed she’s not engaged before her pregnancy (Pic: INSTAGRAM)

Setting the scene further, Charlotte explained how successful her show had been in the 12 months since the season two premiere.

She added: “We’ve just finished filming series five of The Charlotte Show, but you only find out I’m pregnant at the end of the show.”

The beauty confessed she has her names picked out already, but they’re remaining a secret until she gives birth.

However, while it’s looking like Charlotte is getting everything she wanted, there’s one thing she missed out on – and she’s not happy about it.

When asked if she was married, Charlotte responded: “No, and I’m p***ed off.


NEW MAN: Charlotte Crosby spilled on her pregnancy plans (Pic: INSTAGRAM)


SECRETS: Charlotte is still keeping secrets when it comes to her pregnancy (Pic: iNSTAGRAM)

“I at least wanted to be engaged before I got pregnant. I didn’t care about marriage coming first or anything – but I did want to be engaged.

“Me and Josh are going through a bit of a bad patch because of the pregnancy and the lack of engagement ring.”

Charlotte’s pregnancy tease is unlikely to come as a shock to fans, with her timeline meaning if she gets pregnant next year she’ll have succeeded her goal of becoming pregnant before 30.

It’s likely her reality show is going to keep showing the ultimate insight into her life – and fans still beg to know everything about Charlotte Crosby.

The Charlotte Show continues on Wednesday at 9pm on MTV.

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