Chelsea Ransom – Great New Thriller from Ella Grace


A great new thriller read for all interests full of twists and turns to keep you all enthralled.

Set in the English counties of Middlesex and Surrey, Chelsea is a normal teenager but is one of the children of a very well off family. She is well liked by her friends and enjoys sports, reading, science and pets. She has a horse called Bunter and a dog called Wrench. She is studying for an International Baccalaureate from London International School and is planning to study medicine when she leaves school. She is a social adventurer who is full of confidence and loves meeting new people.

Every Saturday she visits stables outside London in Surrey near Foxhill’s Country Club. Little does she know that the part-time gardener there overhears her telling her close friends Elizabeth and Alexandra that her dad has inherited multi-million pounds from the sale of his parental home as both his parents have passed away recently. 

The part-time gardener Mario soon hatches a plan with his cohorts to kidnap Chelsea and hold her for ransom.

Neither Mario or his cohorts or Chelsea could imagine the outcome after she is kidnapped and held for a few weeks while they demand their ransom for her release.

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