Christopher Meloni Says ‘My A**’ Is Having A Renaissance Covering Men’s Health At Age 60

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By Shakiel Mahjouri.

Christopher Meloni definitely did not expect to land the cover of Men’s Health at the age of 60.

Meloni (“Law & Order: Organized Crime”, “Happy”) talks to the publication for its Sept. 2021 issue. The veteran actor was asked if he expected to experience such a physical renaissance in the back third of his life.

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“My a** is,” he teases. “It’s cool as s**t. The aspect of age comes into play as far as the cover of [this magazine] and how I feel about it. A friend of mine said, ‘Did you ever think in a million years you’d be on the cover of Men’s Health?’ I said, ‘Certainly not at age 60.’”

Meloni also discusses reprising his role as New York Police Department (NYPD) Detective Elliot Stabler in “Law & Order: Organized Crime”, a role he took up in 2021 after leaving the franchise following a long stint from 1999 to 2011.

“This time around with the ‘Law & Order’ ride, I’m not stressed by: Will it go well? Will it not go well? Not that I know how it’s going to go. Just that, eh, just ride. Just do, just be,” he says. “There are bigger things, more important things. I know how important this is to me, but I have a clearer vision of life.

“I know a little more about love. I know a little more about real pain. I know about joy. I know better management skills. As you go through life, you get a clearer understanding of things, of your holes and of your gifts.”

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Meloni also speaks candidly about the anxiety and trauma he experienced as a child.

“Living in that house was like living in a dark cloud,” he reflected. “I just remember always looking around, like, ‘Am I f**king crazy?’… I could feel it. The trauma of childhood is real. And I carry that with me.”

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