CIFRA presents the first collection of antibacterial and antiviral athleisure


Personal protection from external factors is by now essential to everyday life and the demand for functional clothing is becoming more and more pressing. To meet this need, CIFRA has designed and produced a new generation of garments with antiviral properties made with the exclusive Q-SKIN® yarn powered by AMNI VIRUS-BAC OFF, which guarantees permanent anti-viral activity and therefore protection from the risks of contamination.

The innovative yarn was developed in the research laboratories of the Rhodia-Solvay Group and is distributed by Fulgar, a leader in the sector of high-tech and eco-sustainable yarns. The polyamide yarn is effective against the proliferation of bacteria and the spreading of viruses, thanks to the antiviral and antibacterial agent permanently incorporated into its polymer matrix.

According to several qualified studies, viruses can survive up to at least two days on textile surfaces. The electron affinity, together with proteins present in the external structure of viruses, causes this agent to prevent tissues from becoming a host surface for viruses and bacteria, thus helping to reduce the risk of contamination. The yarn’s antiviral properties have been tested by an independent laboratory following international textile protocols found in the ISO 18184 standard (standard for determining the antiviral activity of textile products).

The technical characteristic of this new yarn ensures that antiviral and antibacterial agents do not migrate onto the skin or into the environment. Unlike garments treated with dyeing finishes that have limited functionality and lose theirs with washing, the antiviral and antibacterial properties of Q-SKIN® polyamide powered by AMNI VIRUS-BAC OFF are permanent, which is an added benefit for garments in that they remain unchanged over time, confirming the sustainability of the production process.

This special, soft, and easy to wash polyamide fibre also guarantees freshness and comfort, contributing to the thermal wellbeing of the wearer. WKS technology guarantees the practicality of seamless and warp-knit garments, truly unique in the sector, which is designed to offer differentiated functionality thanks to body-mapping. Garments such as base layers, leggings, tops, sweaters, gloves, and helmet liners represent an absolute novelty on the international scene in terms of style, and for product and production processes.

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