Claire Danes strips 100% naked in seriously raunchy sex scene


‘s character, Carrie Mathieson, can be seen being seduced by Dante Allen on the sofa.

The pair can be seen getting intimate as FBI agent Dante pushes her against the wall and pulls her top off.

Claire can then be seen completely naked as she sits on top of Dante while romping in the middle of the living room.

Claire Danes in HomelandSHOWTIME/PLANET PHOTOS

PASSIONATE: Dante pushed Carrie up against the wall and seduced her

But the passion doesn’t last long as Saul Berenson and his FBI team swarm the apartment and break up the tryst.

The agents handcuff both of the naked officers, but Carrie’s daughter Franny sees everything.

What will happen to the pair now?

Claire Danes in HomelandSHOWTIME/PLANET PHOTOS

ROMPING: Carrie and Dante had a night of passion

Claire Danes in HomelandSHOWTIME/PLANET PHOTOS

SWARMED: The FBI agents broke up the tryst

Earlier in the episode, Carrie was shocked when she discovered Dante had lied to her about his ex-wife.

He claimed Audrey had a drinking problem and was bipolar, but Carrie discovers he wasn’t telling her the truth.

She realises he has been plotting against her for a long time, and doesn’t know if she can trust him.

Claire Danes in HomelandCHANNEL 4

LEADING ROLE: Claire has been star of the series for the last seven seasons

Is he on her side?

Homeland continues next Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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