Comedian Katherine Ryan reveals VERY X-rated way she got her job


Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Juice was sure to be a funny one, with comedians Jimmy Carr, Katherine Ryan and sitting on the panels.

Jimmy and Katherine were joined by Brian McFadden, while Joel sat on Fearne Cotton’s team with and Jordan Stephens.

Host Keith Lemon pointed out that Jimmy and Katherine are on television a lot together.

The duo present Your Face Or Mine and sit on the Comedy Central series Roast Battle UK.

“I got to where I am through handj*** alone”

Katherine Ryan

Ex-Westlife singer Brian said: “I think they’re s***ging and she said, ‘I want to be on every show you’re on or I’m telling.'”

Funny girl Katherine shot back: “That’s really offensive. I got to where I am through handj*** alone.”

The saucy comments didn’t end there though, as Keith told her: “I would let you s*** on my neck.”

He went on: “You’re the biggest export from Canada since maple syrup and I would drizzle you all over me.”

Katherine Ryan Celeb Juice

SAUCY: Katherine Ryan joked she got her job by performing sex acts (Pic: ITV)

Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan

JOINED AT THE HIP: Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan are on TV together a lot (Pic: ITV)

Katherine wasn’t the only one subject to some raunchiness though, as Joel brought up his leaked Skype masturbation video.

He was dressed Keith for some reason and said: “This started off as a joke, now I genuinely think I’m gonna stick like this the rest of my life.”

He went on: “If you slept with me dressed like this, it would be classed as masturbation.”

Comments were fired about Joel “knowing a lot about that”, but he didn’t shy away from the subject.

Katherine Ryan and Keith Lemon

GOING FOR IT: Katherine danced for Keith to a Cardi B song (Pic: ITV)

Joel Dommett

CAUGHT OUT: Joel Dommett referenced his leaked Skype masturbation video (Pic: ITV)

In fact, he proudly said: “When I was last here, you gave me an award because it was the No. 2 most watched on a gay porn site. Now it’s No. 1, it’s gone up.”

We wonder how much the search for it went up after tonight’s Celebrity Juice?

Celebrity Juice airs Thursdays at 10pm on ITV2.

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