Cooling Beauty Products Are Trending: 15 Hot Weather– and Editor-Approved Buys


I don’t know about you, but when the weather gets hot, the last thing I want to do is mess with heavy creams and milky serums. In fact, nothing sounds less appealing—if I could just pick up a garden hose, dial it to the “mist” setting, and spray it directly on my face as a form of skincare, you can bet that’s what I’d be doing.

Alas, garden hoses aren’t actually a form of skincare. Seeing as we’re on track for summers to continue getting hotter and hotter, cooling beauty products are (unfortunately) trending. With everything from face mists to ice globes, these products will cool you down in a pinch.

I’ve gotten a few facials recently, and I can say with total confidence that the best part of both of them was when my aesthetician brought out ice globes. These water-filled glass orbs feel so cooling against your skin—plus, they’re the best trick in the book for de-puffing. Keep them in your refrigerator at all times for instant relief.

This jelly moisturizer might be the best hot weather product. Not only does it provide tons of lightweight, instant hydration (perfect for a day with a bit too much sun), but it also feels cooling and soothing. Pop it in the fridge for the ultimate calming sensation. 

This turquoise-tinted mask has a mild cooling effect as it sits on the skin. Clay and green tea also help purify pores. 

It might sound like a sweet treat from the ice cream truck, but this freezable moisturizer does double-duty on stressed, hot skin. You can use it without freezing, but if you put this mineral water–rich hydrator in the freezer, the texture goes from jelly-like to sherbet-like and melts instantly into the skin, all while feeling like a refreshing polar plunge. 

Ideal for keeping in your pool or beach bag, this Greek yogurt–infused gel is made to calm and cool.

Nothing is more satisfying than a face mask that makes you look like a character out of a sci-fi film. Pop this one in the freezer before using it, and then secure it to your face and massage skin with the metal beads.

On the dog days of summer when you really want something cold against your skin, opt for this freezer-ready eye mask that instantly soothes and de-puffs. 

Rose sorbet sounds like the perfect hot-weather food, and this cryo-mask is also the perfect skincare for hot weather. Salicylic acid, rosewater, and meadowsweet extract work to both cool and mattify skin. 

Face mists and hot weather go hand in hand. I like this one from Kinfield because it mists your face with cooling ingredients like aloe, spearmint, and cucumber, so it’s practically a dip in the pool for stressed skin.

Packed with caffeine, this sheet mask works overtime to soothe puffy and irritated skin. It’s refreshing and will leave you with taut, smooth skin.

Hyaluronic acid gives skin a punch of hydration instantly. It’s lightweight and extremely soothing. 

These cooling eye gels are a true triple-threat. Extensin helps firm, hexapeptide plumps, and Ginkgo biloba de-puffs.

No doubt about it, this is my absolute favorite cooling product to use. I keep it in my freezer and use it as a hail-Mary when my skin feels irritated, hot, or stressed beyond repair. It covers a large area and stays cold long enough to ensure your entire face feels better. 

Everything you could want in an eye mask in an easy-to-apply stick. Caffeine de-puffs and seawater hydrates. 

These iconic rubber masks use cryo technology to cool and de-puff.

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