Corey Feldman Says Stand by Me NFT Prop Auction Was Sabotaged


Was Corey Feldman’s auction for the Stand By Me ear prop sabotaged? That’s what the former child star is alleging after many fans experienced issues trying to bid on the prop. Feldman had previously announced he was auctioning off the ear he used while filming the classic movie with a portion of the winnings going to the Let Me Help Foundation. The winner was to be given the actual ear prosthetic from the movie along with an extra NFT made for the auction.

“In the film Stand by Me, my character Teddy Duchamp’s ear is severely burned from when his father pushed his head onto a burning stove during a fit of rage,” Feldman said of the prop. “From the moment I stepped onto the screen more than 35 years ago, people have kept talking about ‘the ear.’ What people didn’t know is that I’ve kept it stashed away all these years. Now for the first time ever, you can make this original EAR-replaceable prosthetic prop from the actual movie yours!”


In the hours leading up to the close of the auction, its host, Cosmic Wire, reported that there had been a “brute force attack” against the auction website that caused the bid button to not function. These attacks apparently continued with many fans tweeting screenshots of themselves unable to bid on the ear. Feldman had also been monitoring the situation, declaring in a tweet that he was “very upset about this sabotage,” adding that “they don’t want us to succeed.”

Edited for clarity, a frustrated Corey Feldman later tweeted after the auction was over, “As my last ev-ear announcement about the winn-ear of #TeddysBurntEar auction #DT310 won the ear for $3,780. A fragment of what we all expected it to go for thanks to our lovely neighborhood hack pack! Auction was sabotaged & the incidents were well recorded! Massive congrats to the winner!”


Perhaps auctioning off beloved props hasn’t turned out very well for Corey Feldman, who’s also considering putting a bow on his acting career. In an interview with MovieWeb, Feldman told us he was no longer interested in making the rounds and asking for roles in Hollywood, as he was finding much more happiness with his music career. That’s not to say he wouldn’t return for the right project, such as if a sequel to The Goonies or The Lost Boys were to come along.

“As far as the film front, yes, I’ve got a couple cameos,” Feldman said. “There’s a couple cameos on the way out, but they’re very brief, and that’s it. I have no films slated. I have not decided if I even want to make another film. I have literally taken this as a giant reset. And that’s what this is all about. The 50 year mark for me is saying half of my life is now over, how do I want to spend the second half of it? And that’s going to unfold as the days present themselves, and I can’t tell you what the future holds.”


Corey Feldman recently appeared in the Friday the 13th reunion movie 13 Fanboy from director Deborah Voorhees. The auction for his NFT ear is over now, but you can find out what you missed out on at

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