COUP DE CHANCE (2023): Woody Allen’s Latest is Secretly Screening As Allen Fans Await its Official U.S. Release


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Coup de Chance is Premiering “Underground” in the U.S.

Woody Allen‘s latest, Coup de Chance, is getting seen by Allen fans in a very non-traditional way through leaks and secret screenings.

Woody Allen fans aren’t going to ignore his latest movie, Coup de Chance, which opened internationally but has yet to be released in the States. In fact, there have been several methods that movie critics and cinema fans have employed to see the film as it awaits a standard limited art house U.S. release. The Allen picture premiered last year at the Venice Film Festival and received much better accolades than Allen’s previous film, Rifkin’s Festival.

Links have arisen online to view the new Allen film. Since the movie is not an English language picture, one print of the movie is not easy to watch for an audience that doesn’t know French. That copy of the movie doesn’t have the appropriate English subtitles. Another copy of the move that was online had subtitles which were translated from French to Dutch and then from Dutch to English via AI!



There was even a “premiere” of Allen’s latest movie at a bar in the East Village. This group of determined Allen fans have held similar secret events such as this one before. This group formerly gathered as employees of Kim’s Video but many members now have ties to the professional movie industry.

Let’s not single Allen’s film out as the only one which is getting this sort of treatment as there was also a recent underground showing of director Roman Polanski’s The Palace. Polanski, like Allen, has had personal issues which have, in turn, led to lost supporters of the filmmaker.

Coup de Chance stars acclaimed French movie star, Lou de Laage. Though Allen is said to be treading on familiar thematic ground in the film, it has still received over 80% in positive reviews, according to Rotten Tomatoes. The film even sneaks in inside plot threads such as one where a bad character’s obsession with model trains is brought into view. Model trains were in the spotlight in relation to accusations brought against the award-winning director, Allen. Also a character yearns to be in New York City, and probably symbolizes Allen’s own personal thoughts.

While some really huge fans of Allen are curious to see Coup de Chance, the movie stands almost zero chance of succeeding at the box-office without a major distributor. However, Allen has always had his supporters. He was never proven to be guilty of any wrongdoings despite the accusations which were brought against him. It’s really interesting that people have taken extreme measures to find Coup de Chance and that’s proof Allen has plenty of secret fans left. We over here at FilmBook will review Allen’s latest once we get to see it!

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