D’Arcy Carden Jokes ‘The Good Place’s’ Janet Would ‘Be Great’ In A Pandemic


By Madison Brodsky , ETCanada.com Staff.

Oh, fork. This is not bullshirt. D’Arcy Carden believes the world needs some more time before returning to “The Good Place”.

“It’s never too soon, but it’s also too soon,” Carden told ET Canada about rebooting the hit NBC series.

“There was no happiness in ending that show. We knew we had to, and we knew it was the time, but if we could have spent 10 more years on that set with these people, we would have happily done it,” Carden added. “I don’t know what a reboot looks like, and I know that Mike Schur has great timing in every sense of the word, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be anytime soon, but I would jump at the chance to work with those people again. I love them!”

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Laughing about the possibilities that Schur could probably write with the current state of the global pandemic affecting “The Good Place”, Carden notes the show creator wrote something similar that may have been ahead of his time.

“I mean there is one scene that was going around a lot earlier in the pandemic where Michael (Ted Danson) comes up to Chidi (William Jackson Harper) and Eleanor’s (Kristen Bell) house and says, ‘Close your doors, lock your doors, don’t come out for one hour to 1000 years. Stay inside until we tell you not to.’ It just felt very much like what we were going through, and maybe still are going through, although it gets better and worse every day,” Carden said, adding her character Janet would likely be unaffected.

“She would be great,” Carden said. “She’d be set. She’s got everything she needs. The thing with Janet is all she wants to do is make you happy so she’s all good no matter if there’s a pandemic or not, as long as the people around her are happy, she’s good.”

Looking forward, Carden is excited to show viewers that she’s more than just a robot in her newest film, “Ride the Eagle”.

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“I love, love, love and adore everything I got to do on ‘The Good Place’ and all of the iterations of Janet, but any actor wants to do more,” she said. “I came up in the theatre and the improv world, which is just playing different characters every day so yes, I’m excited to sort of get into other things, which I got to do in this movie because it’s a different character and it was a fun one to do.”

“Ride the Eagle” follows Jake Johnson’s free spirited Leif as he learns his estranged mother Honey (Susan Sarandon) died and left him a “conditional inheritance.” Before he can move into her picturesque Yosemite cabin, he has to complete her elaborate, and sometimes dubious, to-do list, such as calling the ex-girlfriend “who got away” (spoiler: the character is played by Carden).

“I got involved in this movie a little before there was a script,” Carden recalled. “Trent O’Donnell, who is the director and who wrote the script with Jake Johnson, is an old friend of mine because he directed a bunch of episodes of ‘The Good Place’ and we’ve just become great friends over the years and we were sort of looking for something to do together and work together in some way and it was just one of those sleepy pandemic days and I got a text from Trent saying he and Jake wanted to make this movie and would I be interested, take your time, and I was like, ‘Yes! I’m in! I’m in, let’s do it, 100 per cent! I’m in!’”

“I remember Trent texted me and then I think we Zoomed the three of us that evening and I just had just been coming out of a funk from a bad week or something and really feeling it and missing life, acting, friends and just like when is it ever going to be normal again and that text came sort of at the perfect time and I was really grateful for all of it,” she added. “I think it’s the reason why I dove into it so hard. It was more than what else am I going to do, it was more like oh, thank God, I have something to do. It was something to really, really focus on and Trend and Jake and I were Zooming, texting and rehearsing all the time. My part is pretty small, but all of us just wanted to put in as much effort as possible and we were so happy to do it.”

Decal will release “Ride the Eagle” in theaters, on demand and digital on July 30.

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