David Arquette's Secret Tijuana Wrestling Match, Crazy Flying Moves!


David Arquette Secret Tijuana Wrestling Match … Crazy Flying Moves!

7/17/2018 2:25 PM PDT


Before David Arquette squared off against RJ City in California … he went to Tijuana, Mexico to train with luchadores — and the high-flying moves he pulls off are insane!!!

Check out this footage TMZ Sports got of Arquette — in the purple mask with matching tights — going HAM on a bunch of local wrestlers during a match earlier this month. 

The 46-year-old flies off the top rope and then busts out the HURRACARRANA … a crazy acrobatic move where Arquette jumps and uses his legs to FLIP his opponent! 

Arquette never revealed his true identity during the match — which essentially served as a warm-up bout for RJ City — but the crowd loved it! 

Of course, Arquette went on to lose against City on Sunday … but, judging by the video, we ain’t seen the last of Dave in the squared circle. 

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