Demi Lovato Says That Going to Rehab Prepared Her for Self-Isolating

  • Demi Lovato opened up about how going to rehab made her “used to self-isolation.”
  • However, she says that quarantine is “luxurious” compared to treatment.

    So remember when Kylie Jenner said that staying inside for months to hide her pregnancy prepared her for the quarantining we’re all do amid the coronavirus pandemic? Well, she’s not the only celeb whose former experiences made them feel prepped to take on social distancing—Demi Lovato says that her time in rehab made her “used to self-isolation.”

    While talking to Jameela Jamil for her I Weigh podcast, Demi opened up about how quarantining is kind of similar to the time she spent in treatment, sharing:

    I’m much more used to self-isolation, but I’m also really used to it because I was joking with some friends that I met in treatment, I was like, ‘This just feels like rehab.’ You’re on lockdown at a facility, which most of the time was like a house-looking place or they’ve got beds, except in rehab you don’t get TV or your phone, so this is actually luxurious…You don’t get to go to the store whenever you want, or Postmate whatever you want. So it’s just interesting. I was like, ‘I’m glad that I’ve already pretty much done this a few times in my life.’

    That’s not all though, cause Demi also shared that most of the time she’d rather be at home than go out anyway, saying:

    I’m a homebody because I don’t love fame. I love being able to reach a lot of people with my music and help them and I love being able to use my platform for the greater good. But when it comes to paparazzi or getting recognized and things like that, that’s just not a part that I really enjoy. So I stay home anyways, I’m a homebody.

    In conclusion, it sounds like Demi is doing just fine in quarantine!

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