DEVORA drops debut EP “Outlaw”

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Ghost towns, graveyards, and an ominous group of outlaws demanding justice and revenge. If you think this is the start of a Wild West musical story, then you would be correct. In DEVORA’s new EP Outlaw the dark pop queen meets western goth that inspires the true rebel within, calling all change makers to fight for their freedom, disrupt the system, and topple the patriarchy. 

DEVORA spent most of her childhood immersed in the sights and sounds of rural desert life. Her music is a reflection of some of these strange pastimes intertwined with emotive tales of love, loss, revenge, and justice. The songwriter is said to have “experienced the sinister lawless side of desert life and the characters she’s met along the way, and the modern goth-western vignettes she conjures up are of ghost towns, dark rodeos, the haunted desert, abandoned motel rooms, skylines on fire, the open road and reckless tales of love and loss in a modern wild west.” With that in mind, her debut EP Outlaw sets to be a chapter designed to bend every genre, stimulate your senses, and set your heart on fire all while taking you on a cinematic and wild ride through the depths of the artist’s inner psyche.

The opening track “Fist Fight” sets the suitably vindictive vibe, and it’s all about taking back what is yours and standing up for yourself.  “Fist Fight” features a catchy chorus, sly vocals and tantalizing guitar riffs. While, “Not Dead Yet” kicks off with a country stompin’ beat and heavy guitar riffs that pound with a mix of fresh ripping rock energy. In “Elvis,” the songwriter shows her laid-back side with acoustic guitars under a soothing melody and vulnerable Americana-tinged vocals.  

DEVORA is an artist on the rise who has coined the name of “Outlaw Pop.” She effortlessly blends her contemporary dark western pop music with visual elements that provide an explosive and engaging cinematic experience. Her skillful blend of music and theatrics has earned her a dedicated fanbase that continues to grow exponentially, and we can’t wait to see what’s next on this dark fatale’s agenda!

Check out DEVORA’s EP here and take an exhilarating and unforgettable trip through the re-imagined Wild West of 2021.




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