Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Storm of Fuck


We knew it wouldn’t be long until Dexter gave in to his Dark Passenger, but it’s always more fun to watch him cover his tracks.

On Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 2, that’s exactly what he does.

Dexter is more at odds with himself than ever before, but his self-preservation instincts are still intact. 

Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) is much more animated “conscience” to Dexter than Harry.

No disrespect to James Remar — he was always solid — but as Dexter’s priorities and actions have shifted, so has the adversarial voice in his head, foul-mouthed and full of rage.

Carpenter rips and tears into this new version of her old character with her teeth bare, shredding Dexter every chance she gets. 

You don’t have to enjoy the wins so much, you smug fuck.


Dexter tries to ignore her, which he probably hasn’t had to do for a while, but with his life suddenly turned on its head, things are getting a little dicey. Will there be a point when he can shut that part of his brain off? Will he want to?

It’s extremely telling that Dexter’s girlfriend is a pretty, slim, brunette cop. Remind you of anyone?

There are plenty of similarities between Deb and Angela, but Angela is much calmer and centered than Deb ever was. Miami is also filled with crime, whereas Iron Lake seems quiet for the most part.

(Also, side note, Angela Bishop is almost exactly the same name as ‘Angel Batista,’ one of the main cops from the first series. This has to have been done on purpose! Just like the name Jim Lindsay is an homage to Jeff Lindsay, the writer of the original “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” books.)

Did Dexter really think it was a good idea to get involved with a cop? Maybe the dating scene in Iron Lake is thin, but it seems like he’s just inviting investigation. In the same way that he can’t stay away from killing, he can’t stay away from crime scenes and justice.

Anyway, Angela clearly has some backstory — ‘Iris’ has been mentioned as someone close to her that suffered some misfortune.

We see a photo of Angela with another woman briefly in Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Episode 1. There are several conversations in this episode about missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Angela no doubt feels she’s part of two worlds, straddling a line, however imperfectly.

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to pick a side.


It’s not a big deal. A lot of people get queasy at the sight of blood.


Angela wants to honor the Seneca people, but she probably became a cop so she count enact change, She is good at her job, but it’s obvious she wants more power. She has to play nice with the rich white men in order to get things done, which must be frustrating.

We get a better sense of Angela’s subordinates this episode — Logan is smart and astute, whereas Teddy is somewhat inept, but he’s good at being told what to do. I’d watch a show about Angela, even if it wasn’t Dexter.

An Indigenous single mother police chief with a colorful, quirky team, a soft-spoken and secretive boyfriend, and a rebellious daughter — it sounds good!

Julia Jones has some great moments in this episode, particularly when she’s talking to Dexter about parenting.

Angela is clearly trying to give Dexter the benefit of the doubt, probably more than he deserves, but Dexter is used to that. She’s choosing to see the best in Dexter, which he needs right now.

“We need to talk.” Words you never want to hear from your doctor or your girlfriend.


Harrison is much harder on Dexter, but he has good reason. This is the father who abandoned him, who won’t give him a proper answer as to why. 

It begs the question, who will be the one to discover Dexter’s dark secret? If anyone, it would have to be Angela or Harrison —  they are the two people closest to him. 

Dexter is such an awkward dad, but Michael C. Hall makes him endearing. Here we see him actively trying to engage with his son, who has done everything in his world to find him. His pleas to Harrison are sweet and moving.

It helps that young Jack Alcott is great actor himself. He holds his own against Hall, with that attitude of a teenager who’s gone through so much he shouldn’t have had to. He displays real vulnerability when asking Dexter the tough questions, but also impressive strength.

Dexter: Thanks for covering for me.
Harrison: I didn’t do it for you. I just don’t want a cop all up in my business.

He also bears a similarity to Zach Hamilton, Dexter’s protege from Dexter Season 8. Harrison, for all his feigned toughness, doesn’t seem to have inherited any of Dexter’s dark tendencies.

He just seems like a normal kid who’s been through a hell of a lot, including the deaths of two mothers. It’s a shame Hannah isn’t still in the picture, but good on her for honoring her commitment to raising this child to whom she had no obligation.

Leaving Harrison with Hannah felt like a strange choice, but it proved to have been one of the best things Dexter could have done for his son. It was only after Hannah died of cancer (like Dexter’s adoptive mom, Doris) that Harrison started being bounced around foster care and getting into drugs.

It will be interesting to know if Harrison ever tried to find Astor and Cody, Rita’s kids, and his half-siblings, or if he even knows they exist. One would hope Dexter would be curious about his former stepchildren and what happened to them.

We can just accept that Harrison/Audrey is going to happen, right?

Angela’s line to Dexter about Harrison starting to date was obviously foreshadowing. Johnny Sequoyah and Jack Alcott have an easygoing chemistry that’s engaging to watch.

She’s a young, intelligent woman with strong beliefs, and he’s the new kid in town with a worldly, troubled past. He’s also a talented artist. Being that it’s a small town and that their parents are dating, they’ll have plenty of excuses to see each other. 

Harrison came for his dad, but he’ll stay for Audrey. No way is he “just passing through” now.

How Dexter will navigate that remains to be seen!

So… what’s going on with Lily, the young transient woman Angela helped back in Dexter: New Blood Seasons 1 Episode 1?

She’s clearly being held captive by someone dangerous and disturbed, but how did she get there? She seems to be comfortable enough until she realizes there is no way out. But how did she get in? Is this Desiree’s shelter?

That’s not Desiree watching over the cameras.

It feels like part of this puzzle is missing, but hopefully, we find out. It’s likely whoever’s keeping her captive has done this before, and they probably have something to do with the missing women that Angela is so desperate to find.

My money’s on Kurt Caldwell, Matt’s father. Look at his eyes! Clancy Brown is famous for playing dark, twisted characters –it’s hard not to suspect him. Unless it’s Edward Olson, the other old rich white guy (how many old rich white guys are in this town?) — they could even be working together.

I don’t have high hopes for Lily’s survival, but her death might be a catalyst that will give Angela the means to truly investigate the missing women the way she wants to — which is because they probably have all been taken by the same person who’s holding Lily captive.

Dexter: New Blood is laying the groundwork for a thrilling and suspenseful ride. A slow burn is necessary at this stage of the game.

There are already so many dynamics at play — Dexter/Deb, Angela/Dexter, Audrey/Harrison, Dexter/Harrison — all with high stakes. Will the search be called off in the morning after Matt cannot be found, and what will Mr. Caldwell do about that?

Dexter is already proving to be adaptable, in revisiting his code and Dark Passenger and at the same time revisiting parenthood. Dexter doesn’t just get by flying by the seat of his pants — he seems to thrive on fit!

Are you enjoying the reboot so far? Who’s your favorite new character? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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