Directors Of ‘The Rescue’ Reveal Why Elon Musk Wasn’t Part Of Thai Cave Rescue Documentary


By Brent Furdyk.

The new National Geographic documentary “The Rescue” chronicles the true story of 2018 disaster that occurred when heavy rains and flooding left 12 young soccer players and their adult coach trapped in a underground cave in Thailand.

One participant in the story who wasn’t included in the documentary is Elon Musk, who integrated himself in the unfolding drama by offering to aid the rescue mission with a tiny submarine he’d invented — but instead wound up squabbling with the rescue crew when his offer was refused, famously accusing a cave diver of being a “pedo”.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, filmmakers Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin explained why they chose to leave the Tesla billionaire out of the documentary

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“It wasn’t Elon’s finest moment,” Vasarhelyi explained. “It takes away from what is important in the story, so we made an explicit decision not to include it because we’re only including the essential parts of the story.”

However, Vasarhelyi pointed out that after interviewing those who were there, he’s convinced that Musk was “absolutely genuine in his offer to help” the rescue effort.

“There were a lot of well-intentioned people, and not all of them make the film. They have to add to the narrative in a way that’s meaningful to move the story forward. Those are the editorial choices that you make as a filmmaker,” added Chin.

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“There’s so much to the story, and there were a lot of people who volunteered, and it just wasn’t a great moment for anyone involved in that,” Vasarhelyi continued. “That would just take away from the heart of the story.”

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