Doctor Who's latest episode DIVIDES fans: 'This is just nonsense'


Doctor Who (Jodie Whittaker) and the gang headed to Norway on tonight’s episode entitled: It Takes You Away.

Unlike the majority of previous episodes, the time-travelling crew remained in 2018, as they visited Norwegian, Hanne, who was living in a boarded-up cottage.

Hanne – who the team discovered was blind – was on the hunt for her dad Eric, who she feared had been taken by a monster.

Ryan and Graham discovered a portal to another world, after learning their reflections weren’t visible in the mirror, and they assumed that’s where Eric could be.

The Doctor, Graham and Yaz travelled through the portal to another dimension, where they were met by a very creepy Ribbons of the Seven Stomachs, played by Kevin Eldon, 59.

Ribbons asked for The Doctor’s sonic device in a trade for his lantern and information on Eric.

But Ribbons met an untimely death after being killed by the terrifying flesh moths.

Some fans weren't convinced by tonight's episode

DIVIDED: Some fans weren’t convinced by tonight’s episode (Pic: BBC1)

Doctor Who and the gang came to help Hanne find her dad

COMING TO THE RESCUE: Doctor Who and the gang came to help Hanne find her dad (Pic: BBC ONE)

After travelling further into the portal, they discovered Eric was living with Hanne’s mum – who had died – in another dimension in which she was still alive.

It turned out Eric had purposefully scared Hanne with creepy noises to keep her safe in the house, while he remained with her mum.

Graham then discovered his wife Grace – who had also sadly passed away – living in another dimension.

Despite the episode pulling on the heartstrings, some viewers weren’t convinced.

Doctor Who and the gang came across monster, Ribbons

CREEPY: Doctor Who and the gang came across monster, Ribbons (Pic: BBC ONE)

Doctor Who discovered Hanne's dad in another realm

FOUND: Doctor Who discovered Hanne’s dad in another realm (Pic: BBC ONE)

One viewer fumed: “Did they run out of budget or something for this episode? And the acting – OMG what is happening?! –do they want me to be scared. This is just nonsense, channel switched.”

While another continued: “I can honestly say, I haven’t got a bloody clue what they’re tallking about.”

A third added: “The acting is more wooden than the cabin they’re in.”

Graham came across wife Grace in another universe

EMOTIONAL: Graham came across wife Grace in another universe (Pic: BBC ONE)

But some Doctor Who fans were more impressed with tonight’s show, with one commenting: “This is much, much better.”

Another agreed and said: “Episodes that confuse are the best.”

A third social networker added: “If you don’t adore this week’s episode of Doctor Who, there’s no hope for you.”

Doctor Who continues next Sunday at 6.30pm on BBC1

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