Dolph Lundgren Shoots Down Deontay Wilder's 'Creed III' Role, I've Got A Better Idea


Dolph Lundgren Forget Wilder's 'Creed III' Role … I've Got A Better Idea

12/15/2018 12:25 AM PST


Sorry, Deontay Wilder … Clubber Lang’s son should not be the star of the next ‘Creed’ movie … so says Dolph Lundgren, who tells TMZ Sports he’s got a WAY better idea.

“What if Drago has a daughter?!”

Of course, all this Rocky talk kicked off last week when Deontay told us straight-up he wants a piece of the next ‘Creed III’ film as Lang’s kid.

Dolph tells us he doesn’t think the boxer’s idea is the worst one ever … he just doesn’t seem ready to give up the Drago bloodline yet.

But, bad news for Dolph … we got Sylvester Stallone out in Los Angeles just a couple days ago — and he already seems all in on Wilder’s vision for Adonnis’ next foe.

It all begs the question … why can’t the next movie have both Drago’s daughter AND Lang’s boy???


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