Don’t Sleep on Victoria’s Secret Perfumes—These 18 Are the Best


As I was working on this story, I thought back to my experience growing up shopping at Victoria’s Secret. I experimented with everything the brand had to offer, from its undies and fragrances to shampoos (which got me compliments on how good I smelled daily). But even with all of my fond memories, I thought about how the brand’s messaging around body image affected how I saw myself. So after taking a glimpse at its social media, it was nice to see that the brand is owning its impact on millions of young girls and women.

And its latest fragrance launch, Bare, is redefining what we’ve come to expect from their fragrances, even featuring a women-led campaign featuring a diverse cast of women who are making an impact on the world via activism, creativity, and unique points of view. Here, we’ve rounded up 18 of the brand’s best fragrances that feature scents ranging from florals to grounded notes of bergamot and much more. And, of course, we couldn’t leave out the Bombshell fragrance that started it all—it is still America’s number one best-selling fragrance, after all.

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Key Notes: Purple passion fruit, Shangri-La peony, vanilla orchid. Launched in 2010, Bombshell became an instant and long-lasting hit as the floral scent still reigns as America’s number one fragrance.

Key Notes: Australian sandalwood, mandarin Madagascar, Egyptian violet. After a five-year fragrance hiatus, Victoria’s Secret is releasing a new fragrance, Bare, with a formula that adapts to each person’s body chemistry.

Key Notes: Sunset coral peony, guava blossom, warm sands. This limited edition fun in the sun-inspired fragrance is new on the scene making its debut this year. But the bright scent with notes of coral peony and guava blossom brings the beach to your vanity.

Key Notes: Lush cherry, red peony, sultry vanilla. Housed in a rich red bottle, Bombshell Intense layers red peony, cherry, and vanilla for a scent as sultry as its packaging.

Key Notes: White peony, sage, velvet musk. As the sister of its older fragrance sister, Bombshell, this airy fragrance offers a light yet warm scent moment.

Key Notes: Sparkling cassis, queen peony, fuchsia rose. Florals are at the heart of this perfume, so if you can’t go a week without fresh flowers, this fragrance is for you.

Key Notes: Sparkling cassis, purple dahlia, golden woods. We love a limited-edition pick, and since this glamorous scent is only around for a short time, the sensual option is worth a try.

Key Notes: Pink freesia, red apple, water lily. Offering a fresh take, this flirty, floral fragrance is all about blooming and bringing in the new.

Key Notes: Tuberose blanche, camellia, orange flower. Making its debut in 2022, this floral-centered fragrance centers on white florals—tuberose, camellia, and orange flower—with a hint of citrus, succulent greens, and earthy woods.

Key Notes: Vanilla orchid, sun-drenched clementine, wild blackberry. Launched in 2014, this drop literally and figuratively brought the bold, sexy, and luxurious glamour with notes of citrus, berry, and vanilla in a bottle.

Key Notes: Italian bergamot, neroli blossom, sundrenched cedar. For a more grounded, coastal scent (think a seaside escape to the Amalfi coast), we love this fragrant trifecta of Italian bergamot, neroli blossom, and cedar.

Key Notes: Black plum, velvet woods, luscious apple. The bottle alone makes this scent feel sexy, but the notes of black plum, sultry musks, and velvety woods take it over the top.

Key Notes: blackcurrant, orris woods, sheer patchouli. Blackcurrant, citrus, pink pepper, and patchouli are at the heart of this deep fragrance.

Key Notes: White gardenia, Anjou pear, black vanilla. Launched in 2018, the floral gardenia and brightness of the notes of pear make this scent a treat for the senses.

Key Notes: Raspberry glaze, night-blooming iris, warm tonka. This one is a newbie, but the raspberry glaze, grounding tonka, and balancing Iris give this scent warmth and depth.

Key Notes: Vanilla meringue, santal flower, sheer amber. If you’re searching for a light fragrance, this santal flower, amber, and musk scent is perfect for a spring or summer day.

Key Notes: Fresh juniper, apricot blush, boyfriend tee. Wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t a bad thing in the case of this juniper berry, apricot, and floral fragrance with a hint of boyfriend tee.

Key Notes: Gold musk, sandalwood, vanilla, white peony. Peony, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk make this fragrance feel like a warm, sophisticated hug.

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