EastEnders duo Tiffany and Keegan run off to get married in wedding shocker


Going into the week, Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) comes to blows with Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) and demands that she makes amends with Keegan after she put his business plans in the air after she claims to have found a cockroach in a sandwich – but, fiesty Dotty isn’t taking it well and Sonia has to get involved.

Despite being slammed by the businessman, Keegan is desperate for work and turns to Ian and asks for a job. Sadly, when Ian winds the teenager up, he ends up punching the restaurant owner.

After his altercation, Keegan makes a dart when he spots his fiance, Tiff who cheers her lover up by confirming Dotty has allegedly promised to fix the issue.

Keegan has a run-in with business rival Ian Beale

Soon after, Sonia arrives who isn’t too happy with Keegan following his run-in with Beale.

The young lovers soon storm out before suggesting they run off to elope in Gretna Green.

Over the Moon with the news, Keegan’s sisters Bernadette and Bailey are more than happy to help the love-struck pair.

Tiff suggests the pair run away to Gretna Green

After learning that the registry office has a cancellation for the same day – Tiff and Keegan plan to make a swift dart from Walford.

However, while making their plans – Tiff comes across nemesis Louise Mitchell on the market before the pregnant blonde, and fiery redhead had a frosty exchange.

Soon, the group are on their way to Scotland after Bernadette arrives.

All seems to be going well for the pair, but, will they make it down the aisle?

Looking to get one back, Louise Mitchell reveals all to Keegan’s mum, Karen after bumping into her in Cathy’s Cafe.

Having found out about the secret marriage, Karen jumps into action aided by Chantelle, Mitch, Jack, Whitney and Sonia.

Meanwhile, Keanu begins to panic when Mel Owen reveals that the move for Lisa, Louise, Keanu and Mel is back on.

He becomes even more anxious when Mel drops hints that she knows Sharon Mitchell is carrying his baby and not Phil’s.

EastEnders continues weekdays on BBC One at 7pm

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