EastEnders fans gobsmacked as Gray’s therapist exposed as ‘hot teacher’ from Skins


EastEnders fans spotted a familiar face on last night’s episode, as actress Siwan Morris returned for her on-off role as Gray Atkins’ therapist Roz.

The 43-year-old rose to fame in 2009 when she played teacher Angie on Skins, who embarked on an affair with one of her students.

Appearing in five different episodes, Angie seduced student Chris Miles, played by Joe Dempsie.

Their relationship ended in tears when everyone found out she was sleeping with the schoolboy, going down in history as one of the E4 teen drama’s juiciest plots.

Taking to their keyboards last night, certain EastEnders viewers spotted Siwan’s transformation into a marriage counsellor on the BBC soap.

Siwan Morris made another appearance on last night’s episode

One asked: “Does anyone else think that Gray’s psychiatrist is the woman who played Angie in Skins?”

A second added: “It gets me every time that Gray’s therapist is Angie from Skins.”

While a third remarked: “Can’t cope with the teacher that s*****d Chris in Skins being the marriage counsellor on EastEnders.”

Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) and wife Chantelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer) decided to go to therapy to work on the issues in their volatile marriage.

Angie was a key character in season one of E4’s teen drama Skins

Behind closed doors, Gray has been abusing Chantelle for a long time, lashing out at her and trying to control her behaviour.

In last night’s therapy session, Gray almost came clean about his abusive behaviour at home.

He said: “Sometimes I take my anger out on my wife, and I don’t want to do that any more.”

Chris and Angie had an affair throughout season one of Skins

Gary explained: “My dad, I suppose he was very strict. Luckily he left when I was very young.”

Roz asked: “Was he a violent man? Did you see a lot of anger from him?”

He answered: “I was only a kid. I remember I was playing with this old toy once. Rubbish old thing. He came home one night after work and took it off me and smashed it to pieces.

Gray confessed he’d hurt Chantelle in the past

“But mum loved him. She never stopped loving him.”

Just as Gray was about to confess to physically hurting Chantelle, his panicked wife cut the therapy session short.

Will Chantelle come clean about the horrific domestic abuse?

EastEnders airs on BBC1 on Monday at 8pm, Tuesday at 7.30pm and Thursday at 7.30pm and Friday at 8pm.

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