EastEnders' Shaun Williamson given dramatic transformation by Queer Eye's Fab Five


The former cast member made an appearance on so Queer Eye’s Fab Five – or four, today – could give him a makeover.

Queer Eye is Netflix’s feel-good series, in which five gay guys give American men entire life overhauls – and the second season launches on June 15.

Food expert Antoni Porowski, culture guide Karamo Brown, stylist Tan France, grooming guy Jonathan Van Ness and interior designer Bobby Berk make up the hosts.

And all of them minus Jonathan stepped in to give Shaun a makeover in order for him to shed his character of Barry Evans.

Speaking about his continuous labelling as “Barry from EastEnders”, he said: “It’s never gone away.

Loose Women Queer Eye Shaun Williamson ITV

FAB FOUR: The Queer Eye guys (minus Jonathan) gave Shaun Williamson a makeover

Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk ITV

OVERNIGHT SUPERSTARS: The Queer Eye guys return for season two on June 15

“Barry was manual, a bit fat, scruffy, so I’ve never felt pressure to look anything other than that”

Shaun Williamson

“We were lucky enough to get the end of the big audiences. There were less leisure options back then – we got about 20 million an episode on a bog standard Monday night, so it’s just never gone anywhere.”

He added: “I must point out I’ve changed my pants and socks in that time. I’m under no pressure to look good.

“Barry was a certain type. He was manual, a bit fat, scruffy, so I’ve never felt pressure to look anything other than that, but I’m having my eyes opened today.”

When it came to the makeover, Shaun came out with his hair coiffed and his baggy shirt gone.

Shaun Williamson transformation ITV

TRANSFORMATION: The Queer Eye guys overhauled Shaun’s image and made him look younger

Instead, he was wearing a tan polo shirt and brown suede jacket, alongside black trousers and brown boots.

Tan said: “What we did was make sure his hair no longer looks like Barry. We got it out of his face and gave it some volume.”

He explained that a leather or suede jacket is timeless and the well-fitted jeans had slimmed Shaun down too.

Karamo went on: “He said to me he’d never tried because he’s used to people calling him Barry.”

Shaun Williamson transformation ITV

ONE PROBLEM: Shaun joked he’d just had his passport changed to Barry

And while the new-look Shaun was loving it, he joked: “There’s only one problem. I just had Barry put on my passport.”

Finally, Antoni told him to go home and prepare a roast chicken with lemon for him and his new wife Adele.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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