Eddie George Says Tim Tebow's a Great Producer, Could Win Oscar


Eddie George Tim Tebow's a Great Producer … Could Win an Oscar!

8/17/2018 4:30 PM PDT


Eddie George is singing the praises of his new boss — saying it was a PLEASURE starring in Tim Tebow‘s new movie … and he thinks the guy could win an Oscar one day. 

FYI, Eddie is one of the main roles in “Run the Race” — a story about two brothers who use sports to overcome personal tragedies in their lives.  

It’s a faith-based, feel-good story — so, it’s perfect for Tim Tebow who produced the flick with his brother, Robby Tebow

Eddie — who plays a college recruiter in the movie — says the Tebows did a “tremendous job” behind the scenes and show real promise when it comes to the business side of movie making. 

“There’s no limit to what [Tim] can do … who knows, he could write a story that could win him an Oscar one day!”

Hey, if Kobe can do it … 

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