Emma Stone Stuns In Grecian-Inspired Gown By Louis Vuitton On Bleat Red Carpet


On Friday, May 6, Emma Stone attended the premiere of her new short film Bleat in Athens dressed very appropriately in a Grecian-inspired gown by Louis Vuitton. The event was held at the Greek National Opera and Stone fit right in with this updated take on a classic look.

bleat premiere in athens

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The smokey, pale blue fabric hung loosely in sweeping lines around Stone’s figure, with off-the-shoulder bell sleeves and yellow-gold details sewn all over the gown. The waist was cinched with an orange belt and pieces of fabric were caught in bunches around the front of the bodice, creating more columns in the design.

bleat premiere in athens

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The 33-year-old actress wore her hair slicked back and loose, and accessorized with small gold earrings and a gold ring. Under the gown, she wore a pair of strappy silver sandals that peeked out as she walked by the cameras.

'bleat' premiere in athens

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At a press conference the day before Bleat‘s premiere, Stone also wore Vuitton, this time a gray suit with an oversized jacket with long lapels that ended past her waist and matching cuffed pants. Under those she wore silver strappy heels, looking chic and formal at the same time.

bleat press conference in athens

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At that event were Bleat director Yorgos Lanthimos and Stone’s co-star Damien Bonnard. While speaking to press there, Stone discussed her role in Bleat and some of the challenges of the short film.

“What is the point continuing to give in this kind of – no offense – stupid job of acting if you’re not gonna keep pushing and being challenged?” she said. “I guess that’s also true of life.”

Stone has worked with Lanthimos before on The Favourite, a film she co-starred in with Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weisz.

“What I like about Yorgos would take me a very long time to answer,” Stone explained. “In short I’ll say it’s very rare that you meet somebody who you get along with so well but on top of that artistically [provides] the ability as an actor want to give yourself over to something and not have to worry about every small move you make.”

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