Everything You Need to Know Before You Try a Keratin Treatment at Home


Lately, I’ve been slicking my hair back into a bun and forgetting about it more often than not. With humidity levels getting up to over 70% most days in New York, when I wear my hair down, it usually turns into a mushroom cloud around my head in ten minutes flat. Frizz isn’t a bad thing by any means, but I’ve begun dreaming of doing something to my hair to make it a bit more equipped for the heat—namely, a keratin treatment

Keratin treatments are known for adding mirror-like shine to hair and rendering it virtually impervious to frizz. If you want your hair to be straighter and smoother, they’re a perfect option to consider. They’re an option on many salon service menus, but what if you could do a DIY keratin treatment at home? I caught up with Gregory Patterson, celebrity hairstylist and DIY color and styling expert for Sally Beauty, to get the lowdown on everything you need to know about at-home keratin treatments.

“A keratin treatment is a chemical procedure done in a salon, or at home, that can make hair look straighter and smoother,” says Patterson. “It can last 4–6 months, adds intense shine, and reduces frizz.” In order to get these results, a protein formula is applied to the hair and left to process, then sealed with a blow dryer or flat iron in thin sections. 

“I like to explain a keratin treatment similarly to a gel manicure that is cured and hardened under a curing light,” says Patterson. “The product becomes set and cured, and remains that way until it gradually fades off in about four to six months.”

First of all, always read the label and follow the instructions to a T for the best results. Patterson says that because keratin treatments are proteins that harden onto hair, you should prepare your hair for treatment by adding more moisture to your hair. Mix in a moisturizing hair mask about two weeks before treatment. Look for hair masks with nourishing ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, or castor oil to quench strands.

If you get a keratin treatment done in a salon, expect it to last four to six months, depending on how often you wash your hair. A DIY keratin treatment will last two to three months. “One big difference is that many salon formulas contain formaldehyde, which can be pretty intense and dangerous to inhale, of course,” says Patterson. “Many at-home treatments are safer and formaldehyde-free.”

Patterson says that the best maintenance routine for keratin treatments starts with what you do to your hair in the shower, and which products you’re regularly using. “Look for shampoos and conditioners that are free from sodium chloride, sulfates, and parabens,” he says. “Sulfates and sodium chloride specifically will strip the keratin treatment from your strands and you’ll be left with your pre-treated tresses all too soon.”

Another major key to prolonging your at-home keratin treatment is shampooing your hair less. Patterson recommends opting for dry shampoos and dry conditioners in lieu of traditional shampoos—especially during the first 72 hours post-application as the keratin treatment sets in. “These products will help absorb any oils or residue, and the dry conditioner will keep your hair soft and shiny between washes,” he says. 

When done correctly, DIY keratin treatments can be a great option for curbing frizz and adding shine to hair. Below, shop some of our favorite at-home options.

This treatment helps seal in hydration while giving professional-quality results. With coconut and murumuru, it also helps protect and strengthen hair. 

This treatment helps reduce frizz and smooth hair while also lasting up to eight weeks. It’s infused with vanillin, wheat germ and argan oil to strengthen while it smooths. 

While not quite a traditional keratin treatment, this mask helps clinically reverse hair damage. It has a peptide technology that helps repair bonds for stronger, smoother, and shinier hair. 

If you have extremely damaged hair, this is the treatment for you. With keratin, collagen, and elastin, it’s like a protein shake for your hair. 

Both argan and coconut oils are mixed in with proteins and amino acids for a deeply nourishing treatment that smooths hair. This treatment comes with a clarifying pre-wash to bring up hair’s pH levels. 

With hydrolyzed collagen and keratin, this deep conditioner helps smooth and revive hair in a pinch. You’ll end up with stronger, frizz-free strands. 

This treatment promises to help rebuild and strengthen hair while also cutting blow-drying time. A priming shampoo gets hair ready for treatment. 

This is a cuticle sealing serum, which helps keep hair soft without adding extra weight. Put it on towel-dried hair for best results. 

This three-step program has everything you need for smoother hair. It also helps improve scalp health. 

Infused with Keratix, this treatment gradually releases proteins into the hair over time so it lasts and lasts. It’s also activated by heat, so it’s easy to use. 

Smooth this onto hair before you blow-dry for a faster dry time and less frizz. 

This spray is supposed to act as a “mini keratin treatment” for hair. It works by blocking humidity to keep strands smooth. 

Unlike other keratin treatments, this acts as a weekly smoothing treatment for hair. Keratin works in tandem with marine botanicals and vitamins to improve overall hair health. 

People swear by It’s a 10 products, and for good reason. This leave in softens hair while adding tons of shine and strength. 

Use this serum on freshly washed and conditioned hair that’s still wet. It helps keep hair smooth and shiny. 

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