Fendi Unveils Anima Mundi Series in Collaboration With the Juilliard School


Iconic Italian fashion house Fendi has teamed up with another legend for its latest installment of the Amina Mundi musical series: New York City’s own Juilliard School.

For its new campaign, unveiled on January 12, Fendi has tapped six talented young jazz musicians currently studying at the school for the performance, which marked the first time the group had gathered since COVID-19-related shutdowns. All students selected study under the award-winning trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, who leads the Jazz program at Juilliard. “Their original performance honors the spirit of New York City and community coming together, while enabling young students and artists,” Fendi shared about the collaborators in a press release, adding that the fashion house has established a donation partnership with Juilliard to support student scholarships.

Included in the performance are saxophonist Colin Waters, trumpeter Summer Camargo, drummer TJ Reddick, bassist Jayla Chee, pianist Tyler Henderson, and trombonist Jasim Perales. The group performed in Fendi outfits to showcase the intersection between art, music, and fashion and to demonstrate how New York City cool meets Italian chic. And to say the selected students were thrilled to participate would be an understatement.

Summer Camargo (Trumpet)Photography by Ben Vogel. Courtesy of Fendi.
Tyler Henderson (Piano)Photography by Ben Vogel. Courtesy of Fendi.

“To have such a respected and well-known brand like Fendi spotlight this intersection between Jazz and fashion is a beautiful thing, as the result was a great representation of the coexistence between so many artistic cultures in New York City,” Chee tells Teen Vogue. “I am very honored to have been a part of a project that shows this. It felt very fulfilling to fuse the many artistic elements of this project together. We put a lot of love and time into the music, Fendi did the same with their clothes, and the video crew created lovely visuals. It was super cool to organically play what we felt was natural and then have the other artistic disciplines, fashion and film, react to our art and build on it even further — much like how different plants in a healthy garden support each other with nutrients to foster growth.”

Jayla Chee (Bass)Photography by Ben Vogel. Courtesy of Fendi.
Aaron Matson (Composer)Photography by Ben Vogel. Courtesy of Fendi.

“Jazz is an art form that highlights individuality and celebrates having a personalized style,” says composer and arranger Aaron Matson. “The way you phrase a melody or the colors you choose for a jacket, the way the drummer swings on the ride cymbal or the stitching in your favorite pair of pants are all ways to express style. I think the connection between jazz and fashion makes a lot of sense, being that we’re constantly trying to express our personalities sonically. Of course, we’re interested in expressing ourselves in the way we dress too. It’s been a great privilege and an honor to work with Fendi to highlight these connections, something I’ll look back fondly on for a long time.”

Colin Walters (Saxophone)Photography by Ben Vogel. Courtesy of Fendi.

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