Film Review: EDICIUS (2021): A Unique, Intense Look At Trust And Decision-Making


Michael Socha Edicius

Edicius Review

Edicius (2021) Film Review, a short film directed by Uzo Oleh and starring Michael Socha, Stuart Bowman, Adesuwa Oni and Sahera Khan.

Edicius is a very interesting new science fiction suspense thriller/short film about a man named Jason (Michael Socha) who must confront his life choices and either make a good or bad decision that will ultimately determine his fate. The title of this unique picture is the word “suicide” spelled backwards and that revelation makes the audience question the character of Jason’s choices and wonder which way he will turn next. Will he escape a choice that could lead to his demise or will he make a decision that will grant him another shot at life?



Jason is a 30-ish lawyer who sees a reflection of himself in the mirror that appears to be an alternate version of himself. This reflection becomes a character in the movie as he steps into the real world. Jason then realizes that this “reflection” means business and may just help save his life. Jason’s wife calls and leaves a message for Jason about making plans for Monday night but it is soon revealed that Jason could be dead by Sunday if he doesn’t make life-saving choices in the next hours.

It seems a dangerous client is causing Jason’s life to become very complicated and he will have to make the right moves to escape a dire fate. The picture then involves a scene in a car where Jason will have to choose what to do in a very delicate situation with a menacing character called Anthony (Stuart Bowman). Can Jason save his wife as well or will things take a turn for the worse?

What is most intriguing about this short film is the complexity of its subject matter. It makes viewers question what choices really define the life we live and also what choices could ultimately lead to our demise. It’s quick moving and very detailed. I watched it twice because there are little details one could miss if one is not paying close attention to the film.

Director Uzo Oleh stylishly showcases his themes and has cast a reliably charismatic lead actor in the main role of Jason and the “Reflection”. That actor, Michael Socha, is effective portraying the good and insecure sides of the character(s). The ending is very distinct and adds some didactic messages to the film. Should we make a sacrifice to check on the safety of a loved one? Do we trust ourselves and our instincts? Or can our seemingly very minor decisions undermine our true goals and intentions?

Edicius is a very worthwhile short film. It runs about 20 minutes and is expertly crafted keeping the viewer captivated throughout. The main villain isn’t as strongly defined as he could have been but this is a minor flaw. It’s also noteworthy that the last scene is very haunting as it shows the lawyer and his reflection and the reaction the character(s) have towards each other is simply brilliant.

Rating: 8/10

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